We have had quite a few emails from readers wanting to know about new or used parts for their Keurig. This page lists and reviews a number of the most common parts that are sold and will help to solve a number of Keurig brewer problems.

If you are unsure if you need a part or we haven’t listed something you are looking for, get in touch by clicking here or using the Contact Us section on the right side and we will try and help the best we can.

Please do note that some parts, such as air pumps or transformers, do need a certain level of experience in replacing them and will void any warranty you have with a shop or Keurig Mountain Coffee Inc.

However, if you are stuck with the two options of either throwing your Keurig out or attempting a repair, spending a few dollars on the repair rather than hundreds on a new brewer, may well be your best option.


Descaling Tablets For Your Keurig

Bosch Original Tassimo Descaling TabletsWe buy this product through Amazon.com and have found it excellent for descaling our different brands of coffee machines. We found out about this particular product in the descaling of our Tassimo brewer as the manufacture, Bosch, recommends it for all of their coffee machines.

So we now recommend to all of our readers to use this type of descaling product rather than the traditional vinegar descale process; although we still have a guide you can follow for the descaling with vinegar and you can find that here.


  • Safer and better results for your brewer compared to using vinegar


At time of writing a pack of 6 tablets (you only need to use one per descale) costs just over $14 from Amazon.com.

Keurig LCD and Board

Keurig LCD BoardA new LCD and micro processing board is a straight forward enough repair, once you have the main outer casing off your Keurig. The board is secured in a plastic housing and is attached to the main power board and air pressure system.

The particular types of repairs that might require a board replace is where you have no success in getting the brewer to choose the correct cup size, the LCD screen fails or damaged or the top assembly suffers water damage and the board gets wet.


  • Replaces the micro processor, LCD and cup size selection micro switches
  • Make sure you buy for your correct model (photo shown is for B60)


ebay.com is the best source of LCD spares we have found so far. The price does vary and they tend to be second hand rather than brand new. However, if the seller has good feedback and stated its previous working condition we have found no problems. Full LCD and board tend to sell between $10 to $20.

Keurig Water Pump

Keurig Water PumpA new water pump is necessary when the current pump is under strain or has failed completely. The evidence for this can be seen when very little is being drawn from the water reservoir into the boiler unit and this can be associated with some strange noises.

The noises generally come from the pump and it being restricted in movement by lime scale and / or rust buildup inside. The buildups can be the result of water leakage inside the brewer, normally from a nearby solenoid.

The solenoids will often develop leaks around their sealed ends or their connection into the brewer’s tubing.

A new pump does involve some significant repair work to a brewer, first removing the outer casing. We have videos which can help with this process and these can be accessed from our video maintenance section.


  • 12v DC motor
  • 720 mA
  • Suitable for all K-Cup brewers, including B40, B50, B60 and B70


The best source we have found for the water pumps is ebay.com. They vary in price depending on whether new or used and how much of the tubing that comes with it. But at the time of writing (November 2014) they start at around £13.00.

Keurig Entry Needle Housing

Keurig Entry NeedleIf your Keurig is making a larger than normal hole on the top of the K-cup or appears to be loose or damaged, then a new entry needle may be what you require.

The entry needle forms part of the tubing system that brings the boiled water from the unit’s boiler into the K-cup and then finally into your coffee cup. If the needle is loose or has become blunt (which is unusual, but can happen) it can lead to the creation of a larger than normal hole in the top of the K-Cup.

This in turn can mean coffee grounds in the coffee cup or a real mess from the pressurized water not being properly directed.

The substitution of the entry needle and tubing unit is covered as part of our video maintenance series. You can view the video, which is the “Removing the Casing Off a Keurig | Part 2 of 2 “, over on our Keurig Maintenance Videos | Explaining The How To page.


  • Keurig entry needle
  • Works on models B40 B60 B70 B77 and B79


Available from Amazon.com for only $19.99.

Keurig Water Reservoir Tank

Keurig Water Tank ReplacementAs strong as these water reservoir tanks are, sometimes they do become damaged through being dropped during cleaning or someone in the family decides that steel wool will give a proper clean – we have seen it all.

So whether you are needing a new tank because the original is leaking or it just looks bad now, a new tank is what you might be after. Oh we even heard from one poor reader who had a family member put milk through their Keurig B60.

It made a right mess and part of the repair would have been a water reservoir. I think in the end they just had to go for a new machine.

If you haven’t used one before you might also want to consider using a water filter with a new reservoir. They do help in improving the quality of the water that us used in making your favorite coffee and we have found this is one of the biggest variables in making a great tasting cup of coffee.

As a word of note here, if you are buying a new reservoir because you think its not working properly with measuring the level of water, check out our article here that looked at this very issue for a reader. Ensuring the magnet is free from any impediment is crucial enabling the brewer correctly measure the amount of water sitting in the reservoir. You can check out this article by going to our Your Keurig Questions and Answers page and scrolling down to problem No. 1 B40 Stopped Working and our response to Sam.


  • Clicking on the photograph above will take you through to ebay.com where you will find reservoirs for all of the K-Cup range: B40, B45, B50, B60, B65, B70, B75 and now the new Keurig 2.0 brewers.


Available from ebay.com. Both new and old units are available and start as low as $2.25 (at time of writing). We find eBay the best source for these items, providing a good rank of models. They don’t tend to come up on Amazon.

Keurig Water Filter Assembly and Refills

Water Filter and RefillsFiltering your water for your favorite coffee can make a real difference to the taste. For those blessed with fresh and clean water, this unit is probably not required. But if you are like us, filtering the water really helps improve the taste we can achieve for our Keurig brewed coffee.

Two water filters are included in this pack and it can be used in almost the whole range of Keurig K-Cup brewers (do check to make sure your model is covered).

If you would like any help with installing the water filter we have a short section on this under our Problem With Your Keurig Coffee Brewer. The three main points from the section are: make sure the filter refill is well soaked in clean cold water before being used; ensure the filter assembly is gently and yet firmly placed inside the water reservoir; and set the date on the assembly – normally  two months.


  • Comes with one water filer dispensing unit and  two filter refills
  • Instructions are included.
  • Fits all Keurig K-Cup brewers, from B40 through to B75 (of course except the Keurig Mini’s as they can’t take a water filter unit).


Available from Amazon.com for only $20.99.

K-Cup Holder

K Cup HolderThis K-Cup holder from Cuisinart will replace your existing one if it becomes damaged. Technically there are two parts to this product. The first is what Keurig call the portion pack holder, so as the name suggests, this is where the K Cup sits in your brewer.

The second section is what they call the funnel and this is what guides the coffee from the k cup to your coffee cup. The exit needle sets in top part, or the portion pack holder.

Now the K Cup Holder shouldn’t ever need replacing unless it does become damaged – for example it gets dropped or cracked in some way. So don’t rush out and buy this hoping to fix a Keurig problem unless there is evidence of some damage.

Sometimes the exit needle might be a problem. For example if your brewer is producing only a partial cup or there seems to be ground in your coffee, a clogged exit needle could be the issue (and its a easy and quick thing to check before spending any money). We go through the proper cleaning on our page titled Cleaning Your Keurig Coffee Maker.

Also please note, do try giving Keurig a call first before buying one of these. They will often send you a new one for FREE. So its worth a few minutes of your time using their toll free number. Click over to our Keurig Registration page for the full contact details of their customer service team.


  • Works with all Keurig K-Cup Brewers.


Available from Amazon.com for only $8.49.

Keurig Mini Air Pump

Keurig Mini Air PumpThis air pump can be used as a new unit on the Keurig B30, 31, 40, 60 and 70 models. Because of their differences in size, on the larger models the wires to the air pump may need to be spliced in order to be attached to their electric power supplies. But if you are doing this repair already then this won’t be a problem.

With that in mind, this repair should only be attempted if you have experience dealing with electric components. You will need to be able to take off the main panels to your Keurig in order to get access to the air pump, which generally sits down near the bottom of the unit.

Keurig mini air pump that is used in all models up to the VUE units and including the B30 B31 B40 B60 B70 etc. These may have slightly different wire lengths depending on the unit they are out of and the wire path taken. Some customers splice the power wires and some just route it a different path depending on your unit.


  • Keurig Mini Pump
  • Replaces the air pump is most Keurig models


Amazon.com has the Keurig Mini Air Pump available for only $19.49.

Keurig Intake Tubing

KEURIG INTAKE TUBINGIf your Keurig has a leak that is coming from around its base, perhaps through the metal base plate, then it may have a problem with its intake tubing – which forms part of the water pump system in most Keurig machines.

If this is the situation you are facing then the replacement of its intake tubing may fix this problem, and have you back in the business of making coffee again – rather then cleaning up leaks!


  • New intake tubing for your Keurig
  • For models B70 B77 and B75
  • Replaces the hose, gasket, and screen filter from the bottom of tank to the pump

The substitution of this part is a bit tricky, but at least does not require the removal of the Keurig’s outer casing. If you would like some advice on what is required for this repair check out our maintenance video section and in particular video titled Removing the Casing Off A Keurig | Part 1 of 2.


Comes with free shipping from Amazon.com and priced at $19.97 (priced checked November 14, 2014).

Keurig  Solenoid

Keurig SolenoidA leaking solenoid has to be one of the biggest problems for the Keurig brewer design. As we explained in our section Problem With Your Keurig Coffee Brewer?

The solenoid is designed to control and regulate the water pressure in your Keurig. However, it can leak around its sealed ends and this leakage causes real problems for air and water pumps and power transformers that sit below them in most Keurigs.

Getting access to the solenoids is not easy. You need to be able to remove the panels from your Keurig and be able to have some understanding of the workings inside. However, if spending $20 and then some time to repair, this can be a real saving repair for your Keurig that otherwise may have to be thrown out.


  • Keurig Solenoid
  • Fits all models
  • Includes power connection at the end of the wires
  • B30 B31 B40 B50 B60 B66 B70 B77 B79 and more except VUE


Well priced at Amazon.com for only $24.83 (priced checked on November 14, 2014).

Gasket Washer and Cap for Keurig Brewers – Does your Brewer Leak?

Keurig Gasket WasherAlthough not a common problem, some of our readers have had problems with their Keurig’s gasket washer becoming worn or damaged and so causing their machines to leak during the brewing process.

This problem can generally be seen when there is leakage around the entry needle area as it is not providing a proper seal for the high pressure hot water.


  • Stops leaking with many alternative K Cup solutions.
  • Works with all Keurig brewers


At the time of writing available from ebay.com for only $5.43 (price checked June 23, 2015).

Keurig Power Cord

Keurig Replacement Power CordAs we mention below we regards to replacing a Keurig brewer transformer, the repair of any electrical component needs to be carried out with caution and really only if you have experience with this type of repair.

The power chord is not a common cause of problems with Keurig brewers. Unless it gets caught in a door or the door chews off the end, there isn’t much that can go wrong with them.

However, if the dog did get hold of the end and gave it a good chew, $20 for a new cord will certainly be cheaper than buying a whole new Keurig.


  • Keurig Power Cord Repair
  • OEM
  • Fits all models


Available from Amazon.com for only $19.99.

Keurig B70 Power Transformer

Keurig B70 Power TransformerAlong with air and water pump failures, problems with a damaged power transformer has to be one of the most common problems we hear about from our readers.

As we mentioned above, and in our article titled Problem With Your Keurig Coffee Brewer? Under the sub heading of Brewer Will Not Power On, any leakage from one of the solenoid units in your Keurig can cause real problems for the transformer sitting below. And this is the problem that we hear about the most when dealing with Keurig brewer power issues.

As you will be dealing with taking the panels off your Keurig and dealing with wiring that will connect to the mains power, this repair should only be undertaken if you have experience in this field. It’s not a quick or easy repair and so we would only recommend it if this is your last option to getting your Keurig back into action.

Please do note for this transformer: it will also work on the B40 and B70 models, however you may need to splice wires to ensure it can reach the circuit board.


  • Keurig B70 Power Transformer
  • OEM


Available brand new from Amazon.com for $29.99.

Keurig B40 Circuit Board and Wiring

Keurig B40 Circuit Board and WiresThe replacement of any Keurig circuit board or its re-writing is quite an advanced level of repair and its one that even Keurig themselves don’t offer on their machines (they find it much more cost effective to just replace the whole machine rather than attempt the repair).

However, if you have an old Keurig B40 Elite and a new circuit board will solve the problem, well this option is certainly cheaper than buying a whole new brewer.

Priced at only $19.99 it could be money well spent, bringing your B60 back to life (these brewers, new, cost over $100).


  • Keurig B40 Circuit Board and Wiring
  • Brand new OEM!


Available from Amazon.com for $19.99.

Keurig B70 Circuits and Wiring

Keurig B70 Circuits and WiringAs we mentioned for the B40 Keurig circuit board above, the B70 board and wiring unit requires quite an advanced level of technical knowledge and it’s not a repair we recommend unless you, or a friend, have had experience with this type of thing before.

At the same time, for around $30 this type of fix could be just what your B70 needs to bring it back to life. Any leakage onto the electronics or a power surge through the brewer will often damage the circuitry with the only options available is to either throw the unit out or go for the repair.

And with a new B70 costing $150 or more, this $30 could be money very well spent.


  • Keurig B70 Circuit Board and Wiring
  • OEM


Available from Amazon.com for $29.99.

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