Tassimo Coffee Machine Best Prices

Tassimo first came to market in France in 2004 and is now available in Canada, Andorra, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Russia, Portugal and the United Kingdom and Romania.

The pod coffee machines were originally developed by Kraft Foods and since 2008 have been manufactured and distributed by Bosch, who took over from Braun in the US.

Best Tassimo coffee machines?

Tassimo Coffee Machine Best PricesIf I was to pick one of the range, I would definitely go for
the Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 pod coffee machine.  Its price is excellent, I like the design and I can use a travel coffee mug easily which is great when I am rushing out the door.  Also, it is incredibly easy to use with its quick heat up time and auto cleaning settings.

1. Tassimo Joy 2 – Save £70

Currently on sale so grab one whilst you can.  With a 4.5 star rating, this really is an excellent Tassimo coffee machine with a rock solid build and great Tassimo taste.

2. Tassimo Caddy Multi-Beverage Machine – Save £80

This is an absolute bargain right now, so do not wait too long.  Superb features with the Tassimo pods holder and Brita water purifier system built right in.  This would be great in an office or at home and has a 4.5 star rating just like the Joy 2.

3. Tassimo My Way – Save £30

With a choice of colours and great features, this new design looks good in any kitchen and has a terrific 4.4 star rating to provide reassurance.

4. Tassimo Vivy 2 – Save £57

Great value on this Tassimo coffee machine right now and it was so good that they simply made a new one with slight improvements and styling over the original.  When it is good, it is good – 4.4 star rating.

5. Tassimo Suny – Save £59

Another Tassimo on sale and to be honest a great coffee machine.  What you end up choosing comes down to personal taste as they all serve the same coffee – 4.3 star rating.

Tassimo T-Discs

tassimo podsTassimo coffee machines all use T-discs or pods as they are often called which have a bar code on the top that instructs the machine how to make your drink.  For example, how much water to use, how hot the water is, how long to let the coffee brew for etc etc.

This allows the machine to make drinks such as hot chocolate, tea, filtered style coffee, short espresso and cappuccino in about 30–60 seconds which is fantastic.

Below are a few of the Tassimo pods available but if you want to see the full list, take a look at our Tassimo coffee pods page which breaks them down by type and brand.  Very helpful.

Costa Caramel LatteOreo
Costa LatteChai Latte
COSTA AmericanoTwinnings Green Tea and Mint
Cadbury Hot ChocolateTwinings English Breakfast
COSTA CappuccinoTwinnings Fruit of the Forest Tea

Full range (65 flavours): only in our Tassimo coffee pods guide, find a new flavour today!

Kraft Foods makes Tassimo T-discs or pods for many of their brands, including Mastro Lorenzo, Gevalia, Carte Noire, Twinings, Jacobs, Maxwell House and Suchard and have also partnered with brands like Costa Coffee which is very popular.

Current Tassimo Coffee Machines

bosch tassimo joy 2You can buy any of 5 models (T65, T55, T46 and T20) of the pod coffee maker which all work with Tassimo’s T-disc system.  The only real differences between each model is the colour, design and price, otherwise they all produce the same drinks from the same pods so at the end of the day it mostly comes down to design choices, which do you prefer personally.

 Find best priceThere is also a Professional model made for commercial and office  use. The T-DISCs used in this model cannot be used in the domestic household machines.

You can check out our reviews below and we will be adding more reviews very soon, so don’t forget to come back soon, or take a look at our pod coffee machine 2019 guide for lots of information on cleaning and descaling your pod coffee machine with Tassimo descaler tablets so you get the best out of it, every cup.

How to use Tassimo Pods


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