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What is the best coffee subscription service in the UK? Read on to find out.

Coffee subscription services are growing in the UK as the demand from consumers for gourmet coffee at low prices is getting bigger and bigger.

It is estimated that these services got 80 million web site visits over the last couple of years, and you can understand why.  We all want great tasting gourmet coffee, at a low cost, direct to our doors, without having to be coffee aficionados.

If you are reading this page, it is because you would like to know the best coffee subscription services available in the UK, exactly what they offer, and how they differ to each other.

So, with that in mind, read on and find the perfect UK coffee subscription for you.


Pact Coffee Subscription Service

Pact coffee bean subscriptionsA coffee subscription service since 2012, Pact Coffee has become widely known in the Bermondsey area of London. With a Pact Coffee subscription, I can choose how regularly I would like my coffee delivered, from daily to every 60 days with many options in between. I’m also fully in control of my order, with customisations such as regular or decaf, pod, grind, or espresso. There’s even a choice in the way the coffee beans are ground!

However, while the many customisation options are a great thing for most, some can find them confusing or frustrating when all they want is a hot black coffee with two sugars in the morning. If you prefer a simpler method, you may not enjoy this service.

Union Hand Roasted Coffee’s Coffee Club

Union hand roasted coffee bean subscriptionsThough known more as a regular coffee supplier, the Union decided to branch out by offering a full subscription service for their coffee-loving customers. The smallest delivery is two bags of 200 grams each for only £13, with larger amounts available for those who want more. This service has fewer options than the last, offering pre-ground or whole bean coffee, and only three options for delivery times – weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

Some of the good features that are unique to Union are the ability to choose a “theme” for my coffee – such as spicy or nutty flavours – or have Union choose for me so I get a surprise when my box arrives! Setting up an account on their website is also very easy, so that’s a plus for people who like it simple.

The Django Coffee Co. Subscription

Django coffee bean subscriptionsAttempting to bring Melbourne coffee to the Southport area, Django has a very unique coffee delivery service. For those interested in trying them out, they offer a one-month plan where coffee is delivered to you weekly, or a three-month plan where coffee is delivered weekly or biweekly. Otherwise, there is the option of using a continuing subscription to choose not only how frequently you want to receive your coffee, but in what amounts as well.

I found signing up for this service a little more confusing than most, and rather than being able to choose what flavours of coffee I wanted, I had to email Django directly in order to convey my preferences to the company. Not bad for someone who isn’t tech-savvy, but personally I consider it a blemish on their otherwise good record.

I’ve also found that there’s a way to do an office subscription – getting a whole kilogram of coffee delivered to my office would be a nice treat for my co-workers!

My Perky Blenders Experience

perky blenders coffee bean subscriptionsYet another London-based coffee subscription service was created by Perky Blenders! This is the kind of service that a coffee fanatic such as myself would love. There are options including decaf, various flavors of regular, and coffee of the month, along with grind options for almost any kind of brewing that can be imagined – some of which I hadn’t even heard of!

I can have my coffee delivered on a specific day, which I can change or continue at my leisure. It’s also easy to sign up to and there is a lot of flexibility to this service.I highly recommend it!

The Hasbean Subscription

hasbean coffee bean subscriptionsThe best and most unique thing about the Hasbean coffee subscription is that it teaches you about coffee with every choice! Each time I choose a new coffee to try, I find the link to a video that tells me things like where the coffee bean originated, and who grew, harvested, and sold the beans. It even provides some tips on how to best brew the coffee once it arrives.

Even people who aren’t very interested in agriculture can enjoy learning a bit about their coffee in the time it takes to brew it! I know it’s not for everyone, but I personally love that I have easy access to information about where the food I eat and drink comes from and how it was produced.

Weanie Beans

beanie beans coffee subscription serviceDon’t let the name of this company fool you, this is a great service that feels far more personal and home-grown than any of the others on this list. Their delivery service is also the simplest one yet, great for people like me who don’t like having to spend 20 minutes choosing what kind of coffee they want.

Once a month I can have either a 250kg or 500kg bag sent to me, hand roasted and personally picked by the Weanie Beans company. Much like Hasbean, Weanie Beans also provides a nice little note to tell me about the origin and flavour of the coffee they have selected for me. While it is similar to Hasbean in this regard, I think it’s even easier to use. You’re also guaranteed plenty of interesting information from this company!


Coffee subscription services are a great way to get fantastic tasting coffee, conveniently and cheaply. We are definitely fortunate in the UK to have such a variety to choose from, and I am sure that whichever you go for, you will discover some amazing coffee to share with your friends and family.  With the added benefit of saving some money compared to buying mediocre coffee from the supermarkets!

We are always interested to here your experiences, so let us know what you think to each in the comments. If we have not featured a subscription service which you think we should consider, please also let us know in the comments.

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