Zulay milk frotherThe alarm goes off; it’s morning waking you up with a delicious cup of coffee is the way to go. The Zulay hand held milk frother is just the tool for a delicious cup of coffee. Here are all the highlights of this neat hand-held milk frother.


Easy Hand Held

Holding a kitchen appliance in your hand with no cord makes life very easy. The Zulay hand held milk frother is a great addition to your kitchen repertoire. The Zulay milk frother is very easy to use.

You may think that battery operated is not powerful, but this milk frother does the job you require. When you use this milk frother, you are left a delicious froth of milk that you can make many different types of drinks while at home.

Zulay Kitchen Powerful Milk Frother Wand - Ultra Fast Handheld Drink Mixer - Electric Whisk Foam Maker for Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha & Coffee Creamer - Milk Boss Teal Blue Sky
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Zulay Kitchen Powerful Milk Frother Wand - Ultra Fast Handheld Drink Mixer - Electric Whisk Foam Maker for Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha & Coffee Creamer - Milk Boss Teal Blue Sky
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Battery Operated

The Zulay runs on two double A batteries and packs plenty of power for your frothing needs. Make sure to pick up a pack of batteries at the store when you order your Zulay hand held milk frother. Battery operated also makes the Zulay milk frother very portable. Portability helps you have milk froth wherever you must go. Someone you know travels, you can easily buy the Zulay for a gift for your favourite coffee drinker friend and traveler.

Red or Black

The Zulay comes in ten modern colours. You have a slick black that contrasts perfectly with the chrome wand and coil. You also have the choice of a fiery red that will spice up any kitchen with a little pizazz. Why go boring when you can have a hand-held milk frother in ten different colours.

Italian Cappuccino

Yes, this milk frother makes an Italian cappuccino. You can mix your favourite kind of milk froth in a stainless-steel pitcher and pour the milk froth into your coffee. Pouring milk froth will allow you to make the beautiful designs that they show you can when you pour the milk froth. You will have to heat the milk first in a pan before frothing it so that the milk is hot. Heating the milk is good because this allows you to have the hottest milk you prefer.

Smooth Design

The Zulay milk frother has a great modern design. Not only is it easy to use but the design will fit in any modern kitchen. Even if you do not have modern, this hand-held milk frother is a great start to modern coffee making who otherwise are skeptical to try new things. The price is right for anyone to try this milk frother.


For under ten dollars you can impress your friends. The Zulay milk frother only costs 9.99 when you order it online. Think of how much money you will save by buying this kitchen product. Never have boring coffee again when you can choose your milk, heat to your favourite temperature, and froth it to your liking. Invite your friends over and show them how great coffee can be.


As opposed to other milk frothers, the Zulay hand held milk frother is easy to clean. The milk frothers you plug in, you must go through an extensive process to clean. The Zulay hand held milk frother, you can just rinse under the faucet or put in a small cup with soap and water and then rinse. The best time to clean your milk frother is right after use. You do not want to let the milk dry.

Makes More Than Just Coffee

The Zulay milk frother makes a nice whipped frothy milk, but that is not the only thing that the Zulay can whip. You can also whip egg whites and make delicious smoothies as well with the Zulay milk frother.

Making coffee with frothed milk should be easy. The Zulay hand held milk frother allows you to make an easy, delicious cup of coffee with frothed milk. Having the Zulay hand held milk frother allows you the freedom to make frothed milk wherever you want work, home, or travel. Making your coffee is priceless. You can have all the details made as close to perfection as you want. The Zulay hand held milk frother can help achieve coffee milk froth perfection. Buy you and a friend a Zulay handheld milk frother today.