VAVA electric milk frotherA new milk frother is on the market and it is made by VAVA. It has all the great features as most of the milk frothers have. The VAVA electric Milk frother looks good too. Let’s find out the advantages this new milk frother has.


Level Indicator

This great milk frother has three helpful indicators on the inside of the milk frothers. The indicators help you know where to pour the milk when you are pouring milk for a specific purpose. Like the max line at the top is for when you just want to have hot milk.

The max line towards the bottom of the carafe indicates where the max your will pour milk to make milk froth. The milk froth has to have enough space in the carafe to make the milk froth.

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Froths All Milk Temperatures

Whatever your favourite coffee combination with milk is, this VAVA electric milk frother can make it. The VAVA milk frother can handle all different types of milk frothing whether you want hot, cold, or milk froth the VAVA can do it. You can also just heat milk with the VAVA electric milk frother.

Counter Space Saving Size

hot or cold milk

If saving counter space is a concern for you, then this is the milk frother for you. If you have many different food containers and appliances on your counter, then you want to save some space.

The VAVA electric milk frother is only the height of a coke bottle and six inches wide including the handle. The bottom is only a little over four inches in width. These measurements make the VAVA milk frother an excellent space saving addition to your kitchen.


If you have a problem with your VAVA electric milk frother the company encourages you to contact their customer service. VAVA will assist you with your questions and concerns involving any faulty parts with the product.

If your VAVA milk frother has had trouble as a result of the manufacturer or company’s negligence, you should contact them to make sure you get a fine working product. VAVA wants you to be happy.

Easy Clean-Up

easy to clean

The outside of the VAVA electric milk frother is stainless steel. The inside is made of an easy clean-up non stick material. You always want to clean a milk frother right away. You simple rinse it out with water with a little soap.

The VAVA milk frother can not go in the dishwasher, as most of milk frothers can not. The non-stick surface inside the milk frother makes it very easy to clean the VAVA out.


The morning is peaceful and you do not want to necessarily disturb it with loud machines. The VAVA electric milk frother is made to be very quiet. The double coils on the inside of the machine create frothy milk without making much noise.

Stainless Steel Modern Design

silent operation

Stainless Steel always makes for a great looking appliance. The VAVA milk frother is made of stainless steel on the outside. The VAVA also has a modern cylinder design that fits with many styles of kitchens. The matte plastic detail also completes the modern design and makes the VAVA look good.

Cappuccinos and Lattes

This VAVA milk frother enables you to make delicious lattes and cappuccinos right in the comfort of your home. The easy to use ON/OFF button and the indicator light also helps to make your coffee milk making experience easier. Buying the VAVA milk frother can change your morning coffee experience. You can try different coffees with milk with the help of a milk frother.


For fewer than forty quid this excellent milk frother is reasonably priced and works well. There is no need to overpay for a milk frother. The idea is to save money. This VAVA electric milk frother delivers excellent frothed milk for a reasonable price.

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Final thought

Making your own delicious coffee drink in the morning is a piece of cake these days. With easy K-Cup machines and many different flavours you can have a new coffee combination every morning of the week.

Milk frothers have come on the coffee scene over the last decade. Milk frothers bring all coffee to another level. The VAVA electric milk frother is a new addition to the coffee frother family. The VAVA is a reasonably priced milk frother and one that you should consider adding to your morning routine.

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