tassimo pods holderWe all love our coffee machines and they look great in our kitchen as well as giving us great tasting coffee every single morning. However, we all have a bunch of ripped apart small boxes that are secretly hidden away in some part of the kitchen that is piling up by the day.

It could be boxes or bags but used pod containers do not look great in any form. It also takes a lot of time, when you have a huge selection, and messing around to read the kind of flavor they are so that you can decide which one you want. This is such a hassle especially because we are all in a hurry in the mornings. That’s where good old Tassimo pod holders come to the rescue.


Best Tassimo Pod Holders

There are a lot of pod holders available, some cheap, some not so cheap, but the question is, which ones are worth your money?  To make life easier, we have reviewed the best Tassimo pod holders on the market and come up with a definitive list for you to check out.

Pod Holder Rating Capacity Price
Tassimo T-Disc Capsule Pod Holder

Ever Rich


4.7 amazon star rating

60 More Details
tassimo pods tower

KGA Vertical


4.7 amazon star rating

52 More Details
Maison And White T Disc Holder

Maison & White


4.8 amazon star rating

60 More Details
Ever Rich Vertical Pod Holder

Ever Rich Vertical


4.8 amazon star rating

56 More Details
Ever Rich Pod Holder

Ever Rich Anti Vibration


4.7 amazon star rating

64 More Details
Cafe Concetto Tassimo Pod Holder

Cafe Concetto


4.7 amazon star rating

64 More Details
Bamboo 64 Tassimo Pod Holder

Maison & White Bamboo


4.8 amazon star rating

64 More Details

Useful, modern and sleek…

Tassimo pod holders will give you the space to store over 60 coffee pods depending on the capacity you bought. These little handy pod holders will completely transform the way you make your coffee every single day whether you are a morning coffee person or stay up late working on coffee power. It is an easy drawer that slides out and is further divided into several sections to make sure that you can easily separate the different varieties.  If you are looking for cheap Tassimo pods, be sure to check out helpful guide for the high street and online.

Made with Functionality in Mind

tassimo coffee pod holderI have got more good news for you. As if this is not cool enough, the Tassimo pod holders are more than your regular modern design coffee pod holders. This has been designed specifically so that the Tassimo coffee pod machine can sit on the top right away. You can now store all of your Tassimo coffee needs in a single place without taking up extra space in your kitchen.

This is a coffee pod holder that is designed to save a lot of space wherever you decide to keep it. This isn’t any regular coffee accessory product – it has been designed with all seriousness to address what the consumers really need, want and also would like to use.

Designed with Elegance

This brand new Tassimo pod holders will not only help you save more space but it is also very well packaged and you do not need to set it up because it comes ready to use. Say bye bye to Flat packing! Very sturdy built but modern and elegant all at the same time. This sleek modern day metal drawer comes with a handle that is slim lined. All you have to do it pull the drawer to open it and pick the coffee pod of your choice and then put it in the coffee pod machine (by Tassimo again) right above it.

Tassimo pods holders fit pretty much anywhere

The thing is… most of the coffee pod options for storage looks a bit…er…messy.

tassimo pod drawerWith these little Tassimo pod holders, every single one of your coffee pods will be displayed in the kitchen like unique pieces of beautiful artwork. This is quite a shame because we all know that pod manufacturers do not make their coffee pods as nice to look at. It looks great just sitting by itself and your guests will not even notice the coffee pods inside.

Since it is a sleek metal finish, it makes a versatile piece of décor and will fit in just about any kitchen, be it the modern modular kitchen or a rustic country kitchen. The manufacturers crafted the drawer excellently so that you will be able to put the coffee machine or just about anything on the top without being afraid that it will topple over or damage the stand.

What we love

tassimo disc holderIt is the little details in the overall Tassimo pod holder that makes it a popular favorite among most of the buyers in the market. Some of the major winning features that make it a top favorite among the buyers include the handle which is really slim, the small sized feet at the base that is designed with the purpose of protecting the surface of the kitchen or wherever you put it and the full coverage at the side.


Depending on the pod holding capacity of the stand, its measurement is perfect for most of the work surfaces and does not take up much space. Even with the compact size, it has the capacity to hold a massive number of coffee pods.

We especially love the fact that this Tassimo pod holder does not use plastic material in any form. We all know that any trace of plastic material in kitchen items make it really cheap. It is built beautifully and feels and looks way more expensive than its actually price. It is a steal!

Product Specifications:

  • Has the capacity to hold over 60 Tassimo coffee pods depending on the size and capacity you purchase
  • One of the largest Tassimo coffee dispensers in the market right now
  • Base is made from anti scratch material and rotates at a 360 degree angle
  • Columns available in each of the two coffee pod tiers
  • Made of top quality stainless steel and a chrome finishing touch making it very lasting
  • Highly unbeatable quality with money back guarantee
  • Has been designed keeping in mind the function and form for ease of use
  • Includes additional top quality glasses for drinking, spoons that are matching and is perfect for serving hot beverages
  • Looks great with chrome finish giving it a high shine
  • Stable base to prevent any kind of damage on worktop and perfectly suits the kitchen
  • Needs to be hand washed only. Putting it in dishwasher is not recommended

Thanks to the Tassimo pod holders, we can finally do away with the unattractive bulky boxes which make the kitchen space look really messy. Besides looking great, it also organizes your coffee pods so that you will no longer waste your time searching you the coffee flavor that you love. Now the coffee pods will no longer take up your entire storage space and you can use it for storing things other than coffee pods!

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