Secura Milk FrotherThe Secura MMF-603 is the finest large capacity milk frothing and heating appliance. It allows you to prepare froth for two at the same time in a once cycle. It also features a non-stick inner lining and a flawless stainless steel jug-housing that is resistant to scalding.

This Secura MMF-603 Frother is equipped with two whisks to control the amount of froth produced, you can choose either for a speedy discharge of hot or cold milk. Easy to clean and fast in frothing, the unit is characterized by a simple design for hustle-free operations at the press of a soft-touch button.


Features of the Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

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The Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer distinguishing feature is its copious frothing and heating chambers. It has a maximum capacity of 250 ml (17 oz) for froth milk preparation and 500 ml (8.5 oz) to steam milk.

There are conspicuous lines emblazoned inside to show the maximum level of milk you should pour in. It depends on what you want, ½ cup for frothing or 1 cup for steamed milk. It can churn out 2 cups of hot chocolate or cappuccinos in roughly two minutes at maximum capacity. It froths at consistent temperatures, ranging from 120 to 130 degrees.


The Secura MMF-603 works when you key in the power button, within 2 minutes, milk is converted into the hot froth for cappuccinos, lattes and chocolate.

For the machine to work without heating, press without reliving the power button to produce unheated froth for iced drinks. You can choose either the warming agitator or whisk attachment to increase or decrease the amount of froth. It spawns hot or cold froth.

Crafting and Design

securaBoasting a large capacity, the Secura MMF-603 inner surface is nonstick and is wrapped in a stainless steel casing for uniform distribution of heat. This ensures it does not burn milk and cleans easily as there are no sticky residuals.

The jug incorporates a handy funnel rim and max/min level indicators to avoid messes. Its stainless steel outer rich seam has an insulated vacuum to preserve heat, thereby, you can drink cold or hot anytime.

The base is removable to let you store in freezers and refrigerators. The attachment which is not in use is snapped into the container’s base.


  • It froths different types of fluids, including low fat dairy, skim milk, soy milk, sweetened flavoured creamers, almond milk, coconut milk and chocolate milk. You can get viscous foam which is far denser than whipped cream.
  • Has clean brushed stainless steel exterior and a nonstick interior lining for easier cleaning. An insulated vacuum lets you heat milk faster and metallic layer ensures uniform warmth distribution.
  • Secura MMF-603 accommodates 8.5 oz for steam milk or cold frothing, as well as 17 oz milk steaming space to serve more than one person.
  • Froths milk quietly ideally for offices.


  • It poses numerous maintenance demands and shouldn’t be immersed in water; this makes cleaning tougher and requires meticulous care.

Final Verdict

This Secura MMF-603 gives large compartments to froth foam for two people quickly, functions easily and is compact to fit small areas. You can sprinkle chocolate, prepare hot and cold froth; add almond milk or coconut milk to stick with your favourite drink.

Also notable is a non-stick interior, strong stainless steel construction and insulated vacuum for preserving the temperature of cold or hot drinks. Placing it in your office is a bonus as the unit is ultra-quiet.

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