Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker

The Russell Hobbs coffee maker brings style and flawless performance to any kitchen. The Grind function allows you to effortlessly grind your beans from fine to coarse to maintain the quality of bean to cup coffee preparation.

This coffee maker also features digital programmable control so that you can set your coffee to be brewed at any time of day, not to mention strength selection to suit your tastes. To add to its stunning looks, the Russell Hobbs coffee maker has a classy blue LCD display, 10 cup glass carafe and for ease of use, includes a permanent, removable filter.

Designed and built by Russell Hobbs as part of the Platinum Collection, this automated coffee maker enables you to choose what strength of coffee you prefer–from light to dark–it’s up to you. Or if you’re too busy for the full process, simply use filter coffee instead for the same quality taste. It’s simple to use and with its digital automatic control, it allows you to programme its brewing times for maximum convenience.


How do you like your coffee?

Need a strong coffee boost first thing to kick-start your day or do you want something milder and lighter? The Russell Hobbs coffee maker allows you to select how you take your coffee, efficiently grinding the beans to serve you the brew of your choice. Simply choose the strength you prefer, whether it is light, medium or dark to enjoy a cup of coffee just the way you like it.

Just a few steps and you’re done

The Grind and Brew uses beans or filter coffeeThe Russell Hobbs coffee maker is simple and easy to use. Place the coffee beans in the coffee mill at the back of the machine and using the carafe, fill the water reservoir with fresh, cold water. Decide on the strength of your coffee and how many cups you’d like and then press the grind button. That pleasant grinding noise should soon start, telling you that your coffee is on its way as it begins to filter and brew the coffee into the glass carafe.

No coffee beans? No problem, use ground coffee instead
Russell Hobbs Platinum Grind and Brew coffee machineNo coffee beans doesn’t mean no coffee with the Platinum Grind and Brew. If you’re running low on beans but have ground/ filter coffee to hand, simply use that instead. Rather than putting the beans in the mill, spoon filter coffee into the permanent filter section at the front of the machine, allowing you to keep your coffee fresh with a full, rich flavour.


Say goodbye to paper filters with the permanent filter

The water reservoir for measuring how much water to addPaper filters can be a fiddly business, slowing down the speed at which you make your coffee. To fix this, the Platinum Grind and Brew offers a permanent filter. This mainstay of the machine is simple to remove and easy to clean enabling you to re-use over and over again. No more fiddly paper filters that have to be thrown away and replaced, now there’s just one easy filter to use.

Programme your machine for coffee when you want it

 Russell Hobbs Coffee MakerWaking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a joy that can be had every day with the Platinum Grind and Brew’s digital automatic, programmable control. This feature allows you to set what time of day you want your coffee to brew so you don’t have to manually begin the process each time. It also has an attractive digital clock display with blue back light – perfect for morning coffee drinkers.


Grab a cup while it’s still brewing

Russell Hobbs Coffee MakerYou don’t have to wait for brewing to finish to grab a cup – just remove the carafe and pour. The non-drip valve stops coffee dripping onto the hot plate for up to 20 seconds, giving you time to pour a cup without making a mess and disrupting brewing.

Warm coffee for hours

Coffee is best enjoyed once freshly brewed, but there’s no need to throw away any leftover liquid that has been sat there for a little while. The Platinum Grind and Brew’s hotplate allows your coffee to stay warm for hours after brewing, making one pot of coffee last for even longer. This saves you from unneeded repeat brewings, making it a more economical and time-saving choice of machine.

Stylish and smart

The Platinum Grind and Brew Coffee Maker 14889 is part of the Russell Hobbs Platinum Collection bringing simple style yet function into the kitchen.

Key Features of the Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker

  • Brushed SS panels, black housing
  • 10 Cup Capacity
  • 1.25l Capacity
  • Permanent Filter
  • Glass Carafe
  • Digital Control
  • Blue LCD Display
  • Aroma Selection
  • 2-10 Cup Size Selection
  • Brew Ready Indicator
  • 900W


 Find best priceThis Russell Hobbs coffee maker is a great all round filter coffee machine that will have you converted to fresh ground beans in no time. For this price, it’s a great way to ease yourself into the bean to cup coffee revolution.


Does the Russell Hobbs coffee maker automatically turn off after a few hours ?

The machine turns off after two hours.

What are the dimensions of the Russell Hobbs coffee maker?

29.4cm (H) x 27.5cm (W) x 24.5cm (D)

I am looking to get this as a gift for a coffee newbie, would anyone recommend it? It is a fraction of the price of other beans 2 cup units.

I would definitely recommend it, very good unit.

What is the filter made of?

Plastic with plastic mesh. Washable.


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