PowerLix handheld milk frotherThe PowerLix Professional Milk Frother is a versatile device that generates rich foam and is propelled by a potent dual-speed motor. The small, handheld unit purrs with muscular power in a sleek stainless steel housing.

Additionally, the PowerLix frother is an easy-to-use device that operates with one button. While its detachable wand allows easy cleaning, its portable and compact design let you carry it anywhere for use. It is an easy method of preparing a luscious, rich cream foam perfect for lattes or cappuccinos and other drinks such as coffee.

This device blends ingredients effectively and comes in handy for light kitchen mixing chores. This review captures salient features, benefits and usability of the PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother.


Outstanding Features Of The PowerLix

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Ample Power

The PowerLix brags an ultra-powerful 13,000/15,000 RPM dual-speed motor. The frother offers twin speeds, High/Low that enables you to customise ingredients. The High speed is good for whipped cream and the lowest speed allows quick frothing.

The powerful motor allows users to whip up delectable, robust foam in less than 30 seconds. It is powered by 2AA batteries, a robust grid to keep your frothing activities uninterrupted by breakdowns. The ultra-lightweight device is easy to froth milk and its power allows you to prepare super quality foam in less than a minute.

Beautiful Engineering

The new PowerLix Professional Frother is a redesigned whisk with outstanding durability, ergonomic engineering and reliability. Compact and portable, the device is easy to use owing to contoured lining for a firm grasp.

The unit stands free on its bottom or slips easily into a drawer for storage. The wand and housing are carved out of gleaming stainless steel featuring contours for easier grip on your hand. Its battery chamber slides open smoothly at the base.


The PowerLix Milk Frother is perfect for frothing milk and also allows other recipes such smoothies, mayonnaise, cocoa and egg omelet. It is superb for frothing milk and whipping cream for lattes or cappuccinos.

Buyers also receive a recipe eBook via email capturing tips, ideas and suggested recipes for extra options. The simple dual-speed dial provides finger-tip and intuitive operations. Its flexibility limits your recipes only by your own imaginations.

Easy to Clean

Unlike standard milk frothing devices, the PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother brags a detachable frothing wand for easier cleaning. Additionally, its sleek stainless steel casing means you only need to rinse under running water without damaging it.

Since the frothing wand is removable, rinsing it with soap and water is enough for cleaning. However, you should avoid submerging the unit in water or dishwashers. Instead, use a smooth, dampened fabric to wipe the wand and steel attachment. After use, to avoid sticky layers from forming on the interior lining, detach the whip and immerse in warm water.


  • Redesigned stainless steel whisk, strong and highly durable while its sleek beauty is indelible.
  • Powerful 15,000 rpm dual-speed motor mated with 2AA batteries to create ample power for frothing or whipping cream in less than 30 seconds.
  • Easy to use, contoured casing for firmer grip and a dual speed intuitive switch.
  • Detachable frothing wand and fingerprint-proof exterior makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes with a comprehensive eBook that features frothing tips, recipes, ideas and trove secrets to successful frothing.
  • Durable stainless steel and rugged plastic protects it against breakage while ensuring it lasts longer.


  • For a complete frothing tools ensemble, you will need to cough up a few bucks to acquire a matching pitcher. Buyers also need to acquire 2AA batteries to jumpstart its frothing actions, users contend the package arrives without them.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

The PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother boasts hundreds of reviews from verified purchases on Amazon and other online stores. More than 88% of these reviews give it 4.7/5 stars meaning it has handy features and user-friendly operations. The product has not stoked negative comments; this is because it is durable, valuable and efficient.

The Bottom Line

The PowerLix Handheld Milk Frother is an improved and redesigned version of a renowned brand offering peerless durability and reliability in its class. It comes with a powerful 15,000 rpm dual-speed motor to whip up viscous foam in less than one minute.

The compact, portable unit has contoured surfaces for a firm grip when in use while it stands on its own on the counter. Its sleek stainless steel gives indelible radiance and a detachable wand allow easy cleaning. Flowing from the foregoing, the handheld frother is a great purchase. I hope this review was germane or helpful to your search.