Nespresso Aeroccino 3Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother gives hot milk froth within 70 seconds. This newly launched Aeroccino Plus is perfect for hot or cold milk froth preparation. It is a treasure for cappuccino and latte lovers. Its roomy capacity for frothing makes it suitable for individuals and small households.

The Aeroccino Plus is equally quiet to serve your needs in different settings such as offices. This unit froths in a consistent microfoam to tap the natural sweetness of milk, cleans easily and is well-built. It has a non-stick lining on areas where milk is heated and foamed, no burned milk.


Features of the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

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Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother Black - Complete Standalone Unit
  • The Aeroccino3 is an ultra-simple and fast automatic system for prepration of light and creamy hot or cold milk froth
  • Comes in original black Nespresso packaging and operates as a complete, standalone unit. Includes base unit, power supply and whisks.
  • Mains operated


The Aeroccino Plus can froth and steam milk in less than 70 seconds. It automatically warms milk to the right temperature level while it offers it in frothed form. The unit has a 130 ml maximum capacity for froth preparation and 250 ml to steam milk.


To control the amount of foam, the Aeroccino Plus is equipped with two unique whisk agitators for frothing, you can choose either.  It froths hot and cold milk suitable for cappuccinos; this is facilitated by a wire whip which bleeds abundant foam.

A plastic-made mini-paddle oozes whipped milk that is characterised by reduced foam which is robust for lattes. To avoid messing up, it features max/min level indicators.

Construction and Design

At a glance, the Aeroccino Plus elicits the elegance of high-quality materials used for its construction. Its base is detachable; this allows you to store in a freezer. While frothing, the attachment that is not in use is kept in the lid where it is ensconced by a magnet.

The appliance’s interior lining is non-stick and heats without burning milk.  After use, only a scrap foamy residue is left and is easy to rinse out. To start frothing, press a one-touch button to control foam mass-produce for cappuccino milk or latte foam.


  • Compact and weightless, it can be stored in cupboards, office drawers and kitchen counters.
  • A stick-free interior lining lets you clean easily with water and soap devoid of notorious caked-milk stains.
  • It spits out payloads of foam very fast. Funnel in the milk and press the button, hot milk froth is generated in 70 seconds.
  • Simply designed for easier functionality, you only press once to prepare hot milk and hold it down within two seconds when dealing with cold milk.
  • The device works perfectly with non-dairy milk like almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk and others like flavoured creamer.


  • For a complete ensemble, shoppers have to acquire a Nespresso Variety Pack Capsules, 50 Count and Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for 50 Nespresso Capsules, Black. They come as optional accessories but at separate costs.
  • If overheated, the unit’s lifespan is greatly lessened. Users have to use the manual and blinking red or blue right to prevent this.


The Aeroccino Plus is superb in frothing hot and cold milk making it ideal for cappuccino and latte enthusiasts. It is highlighted by speed and efficiency. No more mess as it has a maximum and minimum level indicator, non-stick inner layer and it can be immersed in water for cleaning (albeit not dishwasher). What’s more, it froths milk with no irritating sounds and is compact for convenience in offices or small kitchen areas.

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