Do you have a penchant for coffee or craving for premium frothed milk? This Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother lets you convert milk and cream into a full-bodied, mouthwatering, fluffy foam for barista quality cappuccinos and lattes.

Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk FrotherThis top-of-the-line appliance has an option allowing you to heat the milk as you froth. It is designed for households to froth milk, prepare specialty coffee, hot chocolates and milkshakes effortlessly.

The unit has swathes of smooth shiny stainless steel outside and an easy-to-clean, no-milk-burning nonstick interior lining.


Features Of The Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother

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Roughly, it measures 500 ml and has dual cycles. The cold cycle allows you to put 250 ml and generate up to 500 ml froth. With the heated cycle, 125 ml of milk gives 500 ml of froth. A line marked inside shows the minimum and maximum amount of milk required to froth, exceeding the optimum level leads to overflowing. Your milk froths in less than 70 seconds and operates with graveyard-silence.

Settings Modes

There are dual settings to create froth from warm or cold milk or sheer warming for lattes and hot chocolate. It is equipped with twin whisks, one for stirring milk with less foam and another for stiffer froth suitable for steamed and cold milk.

Kick-start by pushing a soft press button, it either stirs or heats contents. An auto shut-off gives milk at right temperatures. Push the smooth- touch button to get hot milk, to froth devoid of heating; do not release it for a second. It also boasts two LED indicators, including red-heating and blue-stirring.

Exterior and Interior

Outside, the Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother features a finely brushed stainless steel gloss surface that is easy to clean.

The material is corrosion-proof and indelibly shiny. An ergonomic handle which is heat-resistant ensures the user’s fingers are not burnt.

Inside, the appliance has a non-stick slippery lining that prevents particles from gluing and cleans flawlessly by rinsing.

Its flat-detachable base allows you to station it on counters or floors to plug its heavy-duty cord into the wall. The lid is a see-through and has a fitting chamber that holds extra attachments.


  • The electric milk frother is ideal for making froth from hot and cold milk, heating milk for lattes and chocolate, almond milk, skim milk, flax or full-fat milk, coconut milk, and low-fat dairy products (sweetened or flavoured). Low-fat milk gives the best foam.
  • Easy to operate, clean-friendly and less maintenance demands, it froths automatically at the press of a soft-button and shuts off automatically.
  • Well-equipped, it features dual whisk attachments, gloss shiny stainless-steel exterior and a non-stick lining for easy cleaning inside.


  •  The main issue is a latent layer that forms at the non-stick area; it has to be cleaned after every frothing process. The whirring attachments must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent clogging and premature breakdown.


The bottom line is Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother offers essentials for milk lovers to prepare their favourites such as lattes, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and much more.

It has a consistent and speedy frothing ability spawning milk at the right temperature. Made of stainless steel and rugged whisk attachments coupled with a non-stick interior, its durability is superb.