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What are the benefits of registering your Keurig brewer?

When we purchased our first Keurig, some years ago now, we didn’t bother with the registration process. We didn’t think anything of it again until one day the old girl decided to take a break and stop working.

Not a happy morning without our favorite coffee!

Of course not registering the brewer at time of purchase did cause some issues in terms of having problems covered from the warranty. If we had just taken the few minutes to register online we would have saved ourselves problems down the road.

So this is our main reason for recommending it to you.

The registration process only takes a few minutes and requires little fuss in information they need from you.


How To Register Your Keurig Brewer

On the first screen they need your name, email address and for you to create a password. The password does need to be between 7 and 21 characters long and contain at least one number and then one letter or character, like a ? or @.

Step 1

User details

Once you are through step 1 you are on to entering your brewer details, which is the important bit for warranty protection. However, even if you purchased the brewer more than a year ago, still register it as this process does give the added benefits that we go into more detail in the sections below. You want to click on the “My Brewers” section for this next step.

Step 2

profile setup

The third step screen you get to lists the brewers you may have registered in the past. In our case, this was the first one we had done and so it comes up with “You don’t have any registered brewers.”. So in this case click on the “Register Brewer” button.

Step 3

register your keurig

The last step is to enter your brewer’s details. The first item is “Your Brewing System” and from the drop down menu you select the type of Keurig you have. In our case we selected K-Cup brewing system. If you have recently purchased one of their new Keurig 2.0 brewers, you would select that instead, and so on.

The second item is the brewer’s serial number. We have produced a short video about this if you are having trouble finding this on your machine. If you would like to watch this click on the link here for our Maintenance Videos section – it’s the fourth video down. Do remember to enter the full number after the letters S/N, including the full stops “.”; otherwise it doesn’t seem to work. What would be a nice little feature here from Keurig would be being able to use your smart phone’s camera and to scan the bar code that sits about the number and import that – as the number is quite small and our poor old eyes aren’t what they use to be.

The third piece of information Keurig is after is where you purchased your machine from. We got ours from and for some reason this wasn’t listed. So instead of choosing “Online” we had to go for “Other” and then “Other” again. But otherwise all the big retailers, online and in-store, are listed.

Step 4

verify registration

And once you have clicked on the big “Register” button your brewer registration is complete. The longest part for us was finding the serial number and working out that wasn’t listed. But otherwise it’s a very straight forward process. Some of the other nice benefits of the registration process are explained below.

Club Keurig

In addition to the warranty benefits that registration brings, Keurig now offers a few sweeteners to the deal. The first is you can earn points through their Club membership, which has two levels.

club keurig

The first level is Gold and this equates to an accumulation of between 0 to 499 points from purchases through their website. This membership, from the first purchase, provides a 10% saving off the listed price and builds your points balance with each shop. Each pack of coffee purchased earns you 1 point and once you hit 50 points you can apply this to a 50% saving off the next purchase.

Once you reach 500 points or more you gain Platinum membership and this entitles you to 15% off the coffee packs and from 600 points you can apply for a 50% discount off your next brewer purchase, from their extensive range

So membership to Club Keurig® has some nice little touches and if you are going to be spending the money on coffee packs etc anyway, you might as well earn something towards it. It is of course always worthwhile to shop around and make sure their prices stack up to what you can buy elsewhere, such as through

Free Offer

So the second sweetener to the deal from Keurig is a free coffee pack when you register. This can be from their K Cup, Vue or Rivo coffee product lines. Ok the offer isn’t going to make much difference to your bank balance but every little bit does help and it costs you nothing.

Product Notices and Promotions

The last carrot that Keurig offers for your brewer registration is being on their mailing list for product notices and any special promotions they are running. This can be very useful for information on any brewer problems that may arise and they wish to notify their customers and any special promotions they are running. These promotions have been quite good at times, in particular if it works out at about the time you are in the market for a new brewer and / or wanted to try one of the K Cup variety packs being released.

The Link

The link to follow if you would like to register is:

Please Note: we don’t actually receive anything from Keurig if you do register, that’s not why we are promoting it. We just wanted to bring it to your attention as we think it’s something that could be of use to many of our readers.

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