Welcome to the website, for health conscious people who like to drink butter coffee. They do this because they care about their overall health both in mental and physical performance. You will find Keto Bulletproof coffee fans from all around the world drinking this special type of premium health coffee everyday.

keto bulletproof coffee recipeIf you are new to biohacking or you are just interested as to why someone might put real butter and MCT oil in their coffee instead of milk or cream then you will find the answer here.

In the links below you will find different options when you buy the authentic and original high quality, mycotoxin-free coffee beans. If you didn’t know mycotoxin free means mold-free and it was developed by Dave Asprey. Dave is the mastermind behind the creation of the worldwide health craze of Bulletproof coffee.


The Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

The secret to the best cup of coffee you have ever had is making it right the first time you get to drink it and everytime you make thereafter. If you are newbie Bulletproofer, or even a veteran Bulletproofer, it is important you know what is actually in the Bulletproof® coffee recipe.

Is it organic coconut oil? Can you use ghee instead of butter? Is margarine the same as butter? On the website are videos on how to make your coffee or even a cup of tea bullet proof.

Are you feeling distressed or out of energy? It is high time that you come out of the shell and feel rejuvenated and refreshed. No, don’t look around; just start using bulletproof coffee. Your all-day focus and improved performance highly depends upon the regular usage of this coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a unique process of growing and preparing coffee in high altitudes that eliminates any chances of performance disrupting mold toxin. Combining harmful mold toxin can hamper your mood and performance throughout the day and bring in severe chronic disorders. Bulletproof coffee just comes to play its role there. Its unique properties make sure you stay refreshed throughout the entire day.

It is being harvested in the Central part of America, Guatemala. The American flavor and scent of this coffee are maximized and maintained through roasted and hand-handled coffee beans. This coffee meets the purity standards and bulletproof quality through proprietary lab testing. The testing of this product maintains international standards, and requirements, giving a whole new definition to coffee.

How effective is it?

It provides bulletproof difference with the first cup by minimizing level of mold toxins and naturally occurring antioxidants. It does not include herbicides or pesticides related chemicals that may have adverse effects.

  1. It is one of the cheap supplements.
  2. The stringent bulletproof standards are tested from Third Party – as per international standards.
  3. The improved performance and energy is because of the grass-fed butter and XCT blended in it.
  4. The coffee beans of this product are dried under sunlight to enhance the flavour. It also helps beans to provide stronger taste when consumed.
  5. There are no toxins, bacteria and harmful molds that make this product pure from all side effects.
  6. Multiple lab testing processes have been used to test this product. In this way, you would find it a best choice over other coffee brands.
  7. For one cup, you only need to add one tablespoon of this coffee. You will feel refreshed throughout the day.

If you are looking for the cheap coffee product that provides positive health effects, you should definitely try it. This product is available only on online health stores that specialize in nutritional supplements and formulas. Buy your Bulletproof Coffee and get yourself on the healthy path while making great savings.