Gourmia GMF225 milk frotherEnjoy hot frothy and whipped on top of your morning coffee tomorrow by choosing to buy Gourmia’s New Electric Hot Milk Frother – GMF225 . No need to spend any more money at the expensive café. No more nasty tasting coffee from the drive-thru. Take control of your coffee and make an excellent cup of coffee with the help of the Gourmia milk frother.


Hot or Cold Frothed Milk

If you have ever had to put your milk in the microwave or warm milk on the stove, then you will really appreciate the heat feature on the Gourmia Milk Frother. Excellent hot coffee does not only have to happen in a café. This Gourmia Milk Frother will heat up your milk as it is frothing it to a beautiful whipped froth.

If it is the summertime and you want to have cold whipped froth then you can have that too. A feature of this milk frother is the button that allows you to turn the heater on. If you do not want the heat then you do not set the machine on heat. You can get a nice cool whip with no heat. Not everyone likes the same milk froth, but you have the tastes of different people covered with this hot and cold milk frother.

Gourmia GMF225 Cordless Electric Milk Frother & Heater for Extra Foamy Cappuccino, Latte & More, Stainless Steel, Silver
793 Reviews
Gourmia GMF225 Cordless Electric Milk Frother & Heater for Extra Foamy Cappuccino, Latte & More, Stainless Steel, Silver
  • 3 IN 1: Top off your steaming mug with either hot or cold freshly frothed foam, or simply heat milk for a warm, velvety treat.
  • ONE TOUCH: A single tap of either pre-programmed button- and in as few as 60 seconds.. instant milky froth perfection!
  • CORDLESS CARRY: Rotates 360º and lifts off base for free carrying and pouring convenience.115 ml frothing capacity and 240 ml milk heating capacity.

Quality Frother

Gourmia has made a name for itself in the world of kitchen appliances. It is known for good value and for good quality. This Gourmia Milk Frother bears the ETL mark of approval. The ETL certification is certification that this product has been tested and has passed all the safety standards by one of the most well respected quality standard organisations.

Fast Frothing

I am sure you do not want to sit around and wait for your hot milk froth. Most people have better things to do. This Gourmia Milk Frother, froths anywhere from one ounce to five ounces of milk in fewer than 90 seconds. Can you believe that, you wait anywhere from five to fifteen minutes in a café for coffee.

This Gourmia product does some fast frothing. You do not have time to wait, so this Gourmia frother will help you save time in the morning when you make froth for yourself.

Modern Design

The chrome look and the mid century modern design simply rules these days. This great new Gourmia milk frother has a nice comfortable black handle for comfort in pouring your favourite milk froth into your daily drink.The brushed chrome colour of the body of the milk frother is a pleasant looking outside. The black and chrome really helps to make any kitchen look neat, tidy, and modern.

The cord attached to the bottom of the base is part of the design element of this product.

Highly Rated

Gourmia is very liked by many customers. This new milk frother already has over one hundred fifty reviews. The consensus is this is a four star milk frother. Customers are very pleased with the performance of the new milk frother.

Some of the current owners of the milk frother enjoy the cordless feature of the milk frother. The base has the cord but the froth can be lifted up off the base and carried around the kitchen. One reviewer talks about how the frother makes a very thick froth, even non-dairy creamer frothers in this frother.

Budget Milk Frother

The price of this great new milk frother is very reasonable and priced for everyone. The new Gourmia milk frother runs between fifty and seventy-five dollars. There are milk frothers that may be less expensive, but they probably do not froth the milk quite as well.

You can buy a more expensive milk frother, but it may do more than what you truly need. For this price you get a very decent frother that does, pretty much everything you need. The machine froths the milk and makes the milk hot.

Free Fresh Coffee Recipes

The user manual has a really special section that other user manuals do not have. The Gourmia user manual gives you recipes for many delicious drinks that you can make with the milk frother. Cappuccinos, lattes, and specialty coffee drink are all part of the recipes in the user manual. The booklet has well measured out recipes you can follow and excellent directions to help you along.

You need to be in the market for a milk frother. You can save yourself so much money in the long run by making delicious coffee at home. You get the hottest most fresh coffee right in the comfort of you home when you have this great milk frother at your fingertips. Go ahead and order today the new Gourmia Frother or find it in the store and pick one up today. You most delicious cup of coffee awaits you.

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