For any coffee lover out there, there is coffee and then there is gourmet coffee. You know what I am talking about, the coffee that you purchase at coffee houses. The coffee that comes as a bean and not as a grind that was probably ground about 6 months ago in a large vat of beans.


Gourmet coffee, for some, is the only way to drink coffee. It can come flavored or as a simple blend without all the added fuss and muss that some flavored coffees has. It is the better bean with all the aroma and flavor that you would expect from the best.

And that is what this site is, the better bean where we explore the world of gourmet coffee. We are coffee lovers ourselves and we know the difference between a cup of coffee and an excellent cup of coffee.

On this site, you will find a community of coffee lovers who share all the things that make gourmet coffee great. The tips to brew the perfect cup, the best conversations to have around a cup of gourmet, the best coffee games to play.

In addition, we bring to you helpful tips on how to bring your gourmet coffee to the next level. We have excellent, mouth-watering recipes for flavored and spiced coffees that will have you and your guests begging for the next cup.

And we have wonderful how-tos such as creating your own gourmet coffee gift baskets throughout the year. We know how much good coffee is enjoyed and we encourage everyone to share the experience with others.

So if you love coffee, and more specifically, you love gourmet coffee, then you have found the site that will answer all your questions, quell all your curiosity and is, without a doubt, the better bean out there that will offer you a world of aroma and flavor right at your fingertips.


Benefits And Downfalls Of A Gourmet Coffee Bean

Choosing a gourmet coffee bean over a regular coffee bean for your daily coffee routine can have both positive and negative results. If you know the good and the bad that can come with purchasing gourmet coffee, you can know if it is the right decision for your coffee needs. While there are multiple aspects of the coffee to consider, there are four major points to take note of.


The flavour of gourmet coffee is the obvious benefit of the purchase. The gourmet coffee has more robust flavours and more interesting, unique flavours than other types of coffee. Gourmet coffee often has a stronger taste and feel than other types of coffee. People will pay for the more intricate flavour of gourmet coffee. Gourmet coffee has a higher quality than other types of coffee.


Smell is an incredibly important part of coffee. People will often set their coffee makers to make their coffee at a specific time. People like to wake up to the smell of coffee. Why would you purchase gourmet coffee if you did not like the smell? Gourmet coffee has a strong odour that is perfect for waking up in the morning.


When you purchase gourmet coffee, you are buying into a brand. You are buying into a brand that is known for having a high quality ingredient. You are buying a brand that is known for consistency. A large reason that people pay top dollar for gourmet coffee is for the brand name alone. People want to spend their money on a product that has the best quality. Gourmet coffee offers those brand names.


There is only one major downfall when it comes to gourmet coffee. This coffee is much more expensive than other types of coffee. Those who can tell the differences between the flavours often do not mind the extra cost. Those who are not coffee aficionados often fail to see the purpose of the higher price. The flavour, smell, and brand name of gourmet coffee brands and varieties come at a high price. The process is more expensive. The ingredients are more expensive. Often, the company raises the price to make their brand more prestigious than another. If you are not looking to spend a large amount of money on coffee, gourmet coffee beans are not for you.

The flavour of the coffee is the most important in terms of benefits of gourmet coffee. The flavour is often stronger and more intricate with a gourmet coffee bean. The smell of the coffee follows suit. The better tasting the coffee, the better smelling the coffee is likely to be.

Some people purchase gourmet coffee just because of the brand name. This highlights the major downfall of gourmet coffee: cost. The cost of gourmet coffee often turns people away. If you can afford gourmet coffee, it will be the best purchase for your morning brew?