Epica Automatic Electric Milk FrotherEpica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater is carved using stainless steel, it is perfect for delicious coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, steamed milk, rich froth and other drinks.

Its sales pitch elements include a yawning capacity to heat one milk cup and froth half-a-cup into the massive foam. The appliance operates on three settings, features safety-inspired heat indicators and a descriptive manual for risk-free running, cleaning and maintaining.

The stainless steel layer has an insulated vacuum that maintains fluid temperature. Unlike its counterparts in the market, it generates cold froth, delightful and robust cream milk. In a nutshell, this is an all-in-one machine, suitable for low-lactose milk, almond milk, soy milk, hot chocolate, lattes and cappuccinos.


Features of the Epica Milk Frother

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It has a heating compartment measuring 250 ml or 8.5 oz or 1 cup while the frothing capacity checks in at 125 ml/ ½ cup or 4.25 oz. This Epica Automatic Frother and Heater is accompanied by a heavy-duty 27” long electric cord. It takes roughly 90 seconds to complete one cycle.

Multipurpose Appliance

With this device, you can tap into the best cocktails or iced coffees marked by rich cream surpassing the results of costly espresso machines. You do not have to stick with full-bodied cream milk, low-lactose cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk, coffee/cappuccino froth, and hot chocolate.

It froths to prepare fabulous hot chocolate characterised by a solid-creamy froth and chocolate powder scattered on top. The frothing process automatically churns out hot chocolate with a delectable taste and thicker cream.

Additionally, you can create whipped drinks by adding pristine cream, vanilla or sprinkle sugar apart from milk.  Epica is an all-in-one appliance; it can be used for frothing and heating and is not limited to a single drink.


Vacuum-insulated like a thermos, the Epica maintains warmth or coldness of your drink after frothing or heating. A close glimpse reveals a plushy-modern look enhanced by brushed stainless steel housing and super duty nonstick interior.

Its simple stainless steel design means low maintenance needs and easy cleaning. A see-through lid atop featuring a silicon sealing ensures it fits tightly but detaches easily. Carafe removes from its base for effortless pouring. The hallmark of the appliance is a potent motor that froths all milk types to give a luxuriously robust, cream-rich and best froth.


It works with three setting modes for steamed milk, plus spewing out the hot and cold froth. It is also ideal for iced coffee and deluxe cocktails top offs, as well as cappuccino and hot cocoa. You can warm without frothing and vice versa.

It is equipped with dual attachments, a foam-making whisk and a stirring agitator for steaming without frothing. There are two buttons, the top brinks with red waves to show its stirring and frothing and a bottom-mounted that illuminates blue lights for foaming cold milk. Blue LED indicators brinks show its working properly. Level indicators inside ensure you do not feed excess liquids.


  • Durability is vouched by rugged stainless steel, heavy-duty motor and a non-stick slippery interior surface.
  • Gives matchless frothing results for hot or cold, preserves temperature with a thermo-like vacuum insulation and operates quietly. Its compact shaping saves on space.
  • It’s a multi-functional appliance; you can froth milk cold or hot, heat fluids such as coffee, sprinkle chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, trendy cocktails, hot cocoa, cream, iced coffee, sugar, vanilla, and even create whipped cream. It is good for low-fat cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk and other non-dairy products.
  • Detachable Carafe eases storage and moving as the cord is equally removed.


  • It froths whole milk perfectly but performs fairly with low-fat milk products. It also requires rigorous cleaning to stall a bad smell that may suffuse subsequent drinks.

Final Verdict

The Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe creates hot or cold froth foam quietly, retains drink temperature and features durable construction from stainless steel and upscale plastic.

It heats fluids quickly to prepare cocoa, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. It is revered for making an intricately viscous, creamy and enduring froth with whole milk. Its 1 cup cold frothing alongside ½ cup heated foam capacity suits it for individuals or families.