handheld vs electric milk frohter

If you love milk based drinks, hot chocolate or delicious frothy coffee, then you will surely love having an appropriate milk frother to prepare these drinks in the best way. There is a wide range of different milk frothers on the market, but they all can be grouped into two different types of frothers according to the mode of operation – handheld battery operated and electric milk frothers. Also, there are many different types of milk frothers within each of these two groups, with different designs and work methods. So, we will see the main features of these two groups in general, and compare them as well. Just to mention that there are also steam milk frothers in addition to these two groups, but they are not the subject of our attention this time.

Both allow you to have a frothy milk by clicking the button in no time. It is so simple. Using these devices, you will get thick foam milk for any kind of milk-based drink. If so, you are probably wondering why should you spend a lot of money to purchase an electric milk frother? Well, there are a lot of substantial differences between these two frothers.

Characteristic Electric Milk Frother Handheld Milk Frother
Number Of Operations With electric milk frothers, all you need to do is to pour the milk and push a certain button. It will heat your milk very fast – either froth it or steam it. So, there will be just one task for you – simple 1-hand operation in just about 30 seconds. With the handheld battery operated milk frothers you will have to heat the milk separately before froth it. So, these are two tasks for you, and therefore more time needed for the preparation.
Froth Quality Electric milk frothers will give you thicker froth than handheld frothers. It is not just about the thickness of surface foam, but also the quality as well as the taste of the foam. Many lovers of hot milk-based drinks attach importance just on the foam, so this is a very important when preparing such drinks. A handheld milk frother will never make the same thickness of your milk-based drink as an electric milk frother can do it. The battery operated frothing wands will produce a foam full of small bubbles and air, which is not as enjoyable and delicious as the froth prepared from some electric milk frother.
Purpose Electric milk frothers are intended for the frequent use, and hence they are suitable for the bars, restaurants and other catering facilities that serve foamy coffee drinks. In addition, they are also perfect for people who prefer busy lifestyles. Handheld milk frothers are ideal to make homemade lattes and cappuccinos, or some other foamy milk based coffee. Therefore, they are primarily intended for home use and if you will not use them too often.
If you want to use them often, make the periodic breaks.
Look/Design These electric appliances usually look like the electric kettle or tall saucepans. They operate using a special mechanism for mixing, which is placed inside the unit. Also, there is a possibility to automatically switch off after a certain time, i.e. when the mixing is finished. The majority of handheld milk frothers has a battery pack in their composition, as well as a motor which is usually located in the large handle. However, there are also other types of battery powered milk frothers which consist of a glass jar on the top, where you need to place a special cover that contains the batteries and the frother mechanism.
Advantages These frothers will save you time because there is no need to heat and foam milk every time. What’s more, they are very easy to clean after use, because their interior is commonly non-stick while the attachments are easy to remove or wash. Their main advantage is that you can leave them to work without the need to hold the frother in the container for milk all the time.
Temperature Control Temperature is adjustable. They will stop working when the desired temperature is achieved. A separate thermometer is required to check the temperature.
Cost/Price They are typically cheaper than a coffee machine, however, more expensive compared to handheld frothers. In addition to larger buying price, the repair of these milk frothers can be significant, especially if the motor breaks down. Then, the repair will cost you almost as buying a new one. This can happen due to the excessive use or for some other reason. Their price varies from 20 to 300 dollars, depending on the manufacturer and model. Handheld milk frothers are usually cheaper than electric frothers. Their price is very heterogeneous on the market, but it is mainly in range between 20 and 50 dollars.
They are pretty cheap, but their drawback is that they use the batteries for operation which must “struggle” when you want to foam a greater amount of milk all at once.
Heat Feature Can also use for heating drinks, such as chocolate, milk,… Only use for frothing

In each case, you can count on both models of milk frothers (either electric or battery powered) when you want to whip up a creamy froth for some milk based beverages, such as caffè lattes, steaming cappuccinos, hot chocolate or milkshake. They both will be of benefit, but the question is how fast and how well each of them will transform your milk into creamy froth.