Free Dunkin' coffee for health care workers on national nurses day
Free Dunkin’ coffee for health care workers on national nurses day!

Today (May 6th) is the official start of National Nurses Week and to show support for the hard work of all healthcare workers in the UK, Dunkin’ is starting the week off with a fantastic gesture of support to NHS workers with a free coffee.

Today only, any nurse or healthcare worker can drop in to their nearest Dunkin’ shop and walk out with a free medium sized coffee, free of charge.  No purchase is necessary to get your free coffee, so this offer will literally cost you nothing more than a short wait in a queue!

Dunkin’s offer does not just cover hot coffee, any healthcare worker who would prefer a cold drink today can pickup an iced coffee instead.  It is May 6th after-all and the sun is shining, well it might do later!  Just like the medium hot coffee, any medium iced coffee is also free to all nurses.

“As our healthcare heroes continue to manage the COVID-19 crisis, here at Dunkin’, we are proud to support those on the frontlines,” the company said in a press release statement. “In honor of National Nurses Day, on Thursday, May 6, we’re showing our appreciation and support to healthcare heroes’ tireless efforts to keep us all healthy and safe with a special offer, while continuing various initiatives to give back to healthcare workers across the country.”


What do you need to claim your free hot or cold Dunkin’ coffee today?

To take part in the fantastic offer from Dunkin’, healthcare workers and nurses will simply need to show a valid worker ID at the till, nothing more.


As in all things there are a few exclusions you should be aware of.  Firstly, the offer excludes Nitro Cold and Cold Brew coffee.  Secondly, additives like extra espresso shots, flavouring, cold foam and non dairy alternatives are not included.  So if you want to add to your coffee, you will need to pay for those.  Lastly, for obvious reasons Dunkin’s free coffee is limited to one per customer and is not available for mobile orders.

Wrap up

It is fantastic to see free coffee offers, after-all what could be better than free coffee, but what really brings a smile to our faces today is that this is to say thank you to all healthcare workers in the UK who have put their lives at risk to keep us safe over the last 18 months.  Well done Dunkin’ and thank you for supporting our nurses, healthcare workers and the NHS.

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