dolce gusto jovia

The DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia easy-to-use pod coffee machine has been designed so you can enjoy coffee shop style quality at home – whenever you want.

The classy and compact DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia pod coffee machine not only looks stylish, but with up to a maximum 15 bar pump pressure creates coffee-shop style quality drinks in an instant. The maximum 15 bar pressure pump is used for delivering delicious drinks just like you will find in your local coffee shop.

For maximum freshness, the coffee pods are sealed after the roast has been ground to deliver to you a delicious aroma and full flavour. With a wide variety of drinks to choose from including roast and ground coffees, hot chocolate drinks and coffee shop specialties.

The DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia pod coffee machine can create beverages with the aim of having no mess and no fuss for you. Because the coffee grinds stay in the pod there can be minimised cleaning afterwards.


With DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia pod coffee machine your drink is ready in three steps.
  1. dolce gusto joviaPop in a pod
  2. Move the lever to hot or cold
  3. Stop the water when you’re ready

The machine needs virtually no cleaning, however a wipe down of the machine and rinse of the capsule holder every few weeks is recommended.

What Makes the Pods so Smart?

Each pod is made differently for the perfect drinkEvery pod contains specifically selected ingredients and different drinks need different amounts of pressure to release their full flavour. For example, an espresso needs high pressure to release that coffee aroma and taste and milk needs less. So the pods are designed to regulate the pressure so that whichever drink you choose, it’s made just the way it should be.

Lots of Drinks Varieties to Choose From

Create quality coffee with NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO joviaFrom long black Caffè Americano to frothy Latte Macchiato, steamy Hot Chocolate to Chai Tea Latte have your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto your way.

Jovia comes with a starter pack of six different pods, so that different drinks can be sampled straight away.

De’Longhi: Serious About Coffee

Create quality coffee with NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO joviaDe’Longhi has been a high-profile Italian brand for more than 100 years, providing high-quality, efficient, innovative and stylish domestic products. De’Longhi is a brand that is serious about coffee and are experts in this field, offering a wide range of coffee machine solutions to suit every palate and lifestyle.

Key Features of the DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia

  • Maximum 15 bar pump pressure for coffee shop quality
  • 30 varieties of hot and cold drinks
  • Pods available in supermarkets and online
  • Features 2 years guarantee


The DeLonghi Dolce Gusto Jovia pod coffee machine is quick and simple and is a fit anyone who wants a great tasting coffee but without the hassle and time it takes to create one using other machines.

 Find best priceI do however both love and loath these coffee machines as it feels as if you are cheating but if the end result is pretty good coffee and definitely quick and easy good tasting coffee then you can see why it scores so highly.  It does create really good drinks but to me the taste is a little artificial instead of the authentic taste and texture I crave from my coffees.  So, for the more serious coffee fans I would recommend looking at the espresso coffee machines if you want truly authentic drinks.

However, for those of you who enjoy coffee and want something super fast, convenient and very affordable the Dolce Gusto Jovia will definitely not disappoint, 1000’s of people can not be wrong!


What size is the cup compartment?

You can move the cup tray up and down, I fit my travel mug under it on the lowest setting.

Does it come with starter pods?

Yes it does

Do you have to use pods in the machine or can you use ground coffee?

Dolce Gusto pods only, you cannot use ground coffee.  The coffee is very good though.

What is the shipping weight?

About 2.5kg

Are Nespresso pods recyclable, as you will not be helping the environment much if you throw them in the main bin?

Yes you can recycle them, please see for more details.

The red light turns orange instead of green. Is that a problem?

It is a built-in indicator that shows it’s time to descale the unit. You can get the recommended descaling solution from Dolce Gusto and instructions on how to do it are in the online user manual for this model. After you have carried out the descaling routine the machine will return to the red then green sequence.