Counting Calories In Coffee While Dieting

coffee counting calories

Most of us like to have a cup of coffee to get us going in the morning, but if you are on any sort of calorie counting diet, you probably want to know “How many calories in coffee?”.

There are of course several ways to have your coffee, such as a hot cup of black coffee, a cool iced coffee, a latte, instant coffee, or even a mocha, and the calories in coffee will vary depending on your personal preference. On this page we have listed a wide range of coffees, and the calories that are contained in each of them.




Coffee, Mocha, White Chocolate, Skimmed, Whip, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml344.0
Frappuccino, Mocha, With Whip & Syrup, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml331.0
Coffee, Mocha, Peppermint, Skimmed, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml237.0
Coffee, Caffe Latte, Whole Milk, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml00.0
Frappuccino, Coffee, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml190.0
Coffee, Caramel Macchiato, Skimmed Milk, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml173.0
Frappuccino, Espresso, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml165.0
Coffee, Iced, latte, Whole Milk, With Syrup, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml160.0
Coffee, Iced, Latte, Skimmed Milk, & Syrup, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml122.0
Frappuccino, Coffee, Light, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml119.0
Coffee, Caffe Misto, Whole Milk, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml106.0
Coffee, Mocha, Nescafe1 sachet/22g92.0
Coffee, Cappuccino, Skimmed Milk, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml76.0
Coffee, Iced, Latte, Skimmed Milk, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml73.0
Coffee, Caffe Misto, Skimmed Milk, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml64.0
Coffee, Instant, Made With Water & Semi-Skimmed Milk1 serving/350ml24.5
Coffee, Caffe Americano, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml11.0
Coffee, Brewed, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml7.0
Coffee, Espresso, Solo, Starbucks1 solo/30ml6.0
Coffee, Decaffeinated, Gold Blend, Nescafe1 Tsp/5g5.4
Coffee, Black1 mug/270ml5.4
Coffee, Iced, Tall, Starbucks1 tall/354ml4.0

How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee?

As you can see from the table above, how many calories in a cup of coffee is mainly dependent on the type of coffee you select. The lowest calories in coffee are for the black coffees that have nothing added. The calories in black coffee are generally between 4 calories and 11 calories for the most common styles. This means that if you are on a low calorie diet, black coffee will probably be your best choice.

At the other end of the scale are the huge number of calories in a cup of coffee that is made with milk and chocolate. A tall Starbucks coffee with white chocolate and whipped cream can have as much as 344 calories, which is immense. Most of the calories in a coffee will come from either the milk, cream, or sugary products such as syrup, chocolate, or other added flavours. These sorts of coffee drinks should almost certainly be off the menu if you are trying to lose weight.

Low Calorie Coffee Tips

We all like to make our coffee just how we like it, but there are some easy ways that you can reduce the amount of calories in your cup.

  • If you always drink a Grande size coffee, you can reduce your calorie intake by simply choosing a smaller drink.  This way you can still get a Latte or Cappuccino, like you normally do, just a smaller one.
  • Alternatively, why not change to black coffee, like an espresso?  This way, you still get the hit from the caffeine that you wanted, but without any of the calories.
  • Lastly, you can change your coffee drinking habits, perhaps only have coffee in the morning with breakfast, or one cup in the morning and one mid afternoon.

Did You Know?

If you are looking for a little motivation for reducing your calorie intake from the fancy coffee’s you drink.  For every fancy coffee you buy from someone like Starbucks, you would need to walk continuously for 1hr to burn off the calories!

Did that help motivate you?  I thought so.

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