Out of all the coffee shop franchises, my family love Costa Coffee the most.  If I dare to suggest that we go to a Starbucks as it is closer, you would have thought that I had just kicked our pet cat, from the reaction I get.  So, I have simply accepted it, and we all enjoy our drinks each Saturday after the weekly shop.

However, like my family’s obsession, you might be wondering where the nearest Costa Coffee shop is to you, right now!  So to help you get your caffeine fix we have embedded a Google map which shows you the closest shops to your exact location.


Can’t see your closest Costa Coffee?

If the map is not showing your location, you may need to turn on your phones, tablets or computers location services.  To be honest, this is unlikely to be an issue for most, as we all use location services to make our lives easier, but for those who have turned this off, follow the instructions below.


  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Enable Location Services


  1. Open your phone’s Settings app > Tap Security & location > Location >Turn Use location on.

Costa Near Me

The closest Costa Coffee Shops to you are shown in the map below.  Hopefully you are seeing quite a few, but if there is nothing close, I am sure that other coffee shops are available and would be more than happy to see you.

If you would like to find Costa Coffee drive thru locations, follow the link and find the closest ones to you.

The story of Costa Coffee

I quite like the success story of Costa Coffee, two brothers who started with nothing in 1971, and just 48 years later, they are the biggest coffee brand in the UK, with 2,121 coffee shops!

Where it all started

Costa Coffee HistoryIn 1971 Sergio and Bruno Costa came to London and saw a gap in the consumer coffee market.

They setup a roastery in Fenchurch Street and tested 112 different coffee blends/beans before they found their perfect blend, the Mocha Italia.

Demand means growth

By 1978, Sergio and Bruno had outgrown their old roastery in Fenchurch street, as demand for their coffee outstripped the capability to meet the demand.  So in 1978 they moved to a new location in South London where they built a new larger roastery to service their growing clientele list, which now included 5 star hotels like The Ritz.

First Coffee Shop

first costa coffee shopVauxhall Bridge was the location of the first Costa Coffee shop in 1981, where the brothers focused on trying to recreate the Italian coffee experience for Londoners.

With the success of their first shop in Vauxhall Bridge, the brothers pushed on, opening new shops across London, serving their speciality blend of coffee and providing the Italian coffee experience which Londoners were now craving.


Fast foreward 38 years, and with 2,121 coffee shops, it is hard to go very far in the UK without seeing a Costa Coffee shop and they are the largest brand of coffee shop, eclipsing the likes of Starbucks who only have 898.

All of this is great news for my family, as wherever we go, we know that our favourite coffee is not far away, even in the little village I live in!