Costa Coffee Autumn 2019 Menu Revealed

It has definitely got a bit colder, windier and wetter this past week, and if we wanted conclusive proof that the summer had come to an end, we have it, as Costa Coffee have unveiled their autumn menu.

So what do we have to look forward from the Costa Coffee Autumn menu to this year?

For all you muffin lovers, there is the new Lotus Biscoff muffin, which looks delicious and is available right now from £2.25.

costa coffee lotus biscoff muffin

Costa’s new Lotus Biscoff muffin is going to be a firm favourite this Autumn.

The muffin has a mouth watering Lotus Biscoff spread centre and is finished with toffee icing and a Lotus Biscoff biscuit perched on top.

So what else is new on the menu?

Well, if you liked last years spiced trio of the cold brew, latte and hot chocolate, you are going to be happy as they are back again in 2019.

Costa Coffee hopes the much loved trio of drinks provide customers with a “taste of autumn” that includes spiced cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, a caramel toffee flavour, and a topping of extra cinnamon and caramel.

If you enjoyed this autumn line up last year, you will be very pleased to hear that the price remains the same, at only £2.95.

costa coffee spiced latte

Costa’s spiced trio of drinks is back, much to the delight of us all.

A new twist for 2019 has been added, you can now make each of the drinks vegan by having the new and improved syrup recipe.

Anything else for us to look forward to this Autumn?

Costa Coffee has two more treats for you this Autumn, firstly there is the white chocolate muffin (my kids love these) and also you can now get a chocolate and caramel bun.

The menu went live yesterday (5th September) and if you want to get your Autumn fix as soon as possible, checkout our Costa Coffee Near Me and Costa Coffee Drive Thru Near Me interactive pages to find your closest shop.

With more than 2,600 locations around the UK, there is bound to be one close to wherever you are, right now!

What’s included in the Costa autumn menu?


  • Bonfire Spiced Latte – from £2.95
  • Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate – from £2.95
  • Bonfire Cold Brew – from £2.95

Cakes and Sweet Treats

  • Lotus Biscoff Muffin – from £2.25
  • Chocolate & Caramel Bun – from £1.95
  • Chocolate Caramel & Hazelnut Cookie (Vegan) – from £1.85
  • Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin – from £1.95
  • Seriously Chocolate Cake – from £2.95


  • Roasted Carrot & Coriander Soup – from £2.95
  • Bolognese Mac & Cheese – from £3.95

The autumn menus finished on the 31st October, when the Christmas range is scheduled to start, so make sure you do not miss out, or leave it too long to take the family.

Watch the Sugar Content

Last year Costa Coffee, as well as a number of other popular high street coffee shop chains got quite a bit of negative press because of the amount of sugar contained in some of their drinks.

NHS guidelines recommend that adults should consume no more than 30g’s of sugar in a single day, but Costa Coffee’s spiced bonfire hot chocolate actually contained 36g of sugar, in a single drink!

Following the backlash from the media in 2018, the coffee chain said the spiced bonfire hot chocolate was only served in its smallest cup size.

However, this year, you can now get any of the spiced drinks in medio and primo cups.

Costa Coffee confirmed the below sugar contents for each of the three spiced drinks with semi-skimmed milk in a primo cup.

  • Spiced Hot Chocolate – 34.8g
  • Spiced Latte – 24.6g
  • Cold Brew – 15.5g

Lunch Deal

The lunch deal has also been confirmed to now run from 11am-close, which will please many people on split shifts as the previous 2pm finish caught a lot of us out!

Remember, you can get a panini, soup, sandwich, drink and a snack all for only £4.95, which is excellent value.

With the autumn specials of Roasted Carrot & Coriander Soup (£2.95) and Bolognese Mac & Cheese (£3.95) added, there is something new for everyone.

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