You know winter is on its way when the clocks go back and every morning you wake up,to frost, fog or rain.  However there is always the Costa Coffee Christmas menu to cheer us up.  The festive range is available from 1st November and is a mix of returning favourites and brand new flavours.

So what do we have to look forward from the Costa Coffee Christmas drinks menu this year?

Costa’s main new Christmas flavour is something they are calling Irish Velvet and Cream. 

Irish velvet Gingerbread Latte in Xmas 2019
Costa Coffee’s new Irish velvet gingerbread latte is going down a treat this winter!

Irish Velvet and Cream

They claim it is as rich and indulgent as an Irish coffee but without the alcohol. Featuring ‘hints of caramel and heavenly vanilla’, Costa claim it’s ‘quite literally the taste of Christmas in a cup’.  Some people think it tastes a lot like Baileys.

For me, although it was definitely creamy, the attempt to introduce the ‘Irish’ flavour gave it a synthetic, chemical taste I wasn’t keen on.

 Price FromCalories In-StoreCalories Takeout
(medium, semi skimmed milk)
Irish Velvet and Cream Latte£3.3012831505
Irish Velvet and Cream Cappuccino£2.95658-
Irish Velvet and Cream Frostino£3.451564-
Irish Velvet and Cream Coffee Frostino£3.451586-

Hazelnut Praline and Cream

Costa’s other new drink range for Christmas is Hazelnut Praline and Cream. 

Hazelnut Praline and Cream

It has a combination of roasted hazelnut syrup and authentic Belgian chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream sprinkled with golden milk chocolate wafer pieces. 

Personally I don’t like the taste of praline but apparently it tastes suitably nutty without being too sickly sweet.

 Price FromCalories In-StoreCalories Takeout
(medium, semi skimmed milk)
Hazelnut Praline and Cream Latte£3.3014401622
Hazelnut Praline and Cream Frostino£3.451966-
Hazelnut Praline and Cream Coffee Frostino£3.451988-

Spiced Cappuccino

Also new is a Spiced Cappuccino.

Although you might guess that it would taste like the Bonfire range that Costa was serving in the Autumn but it doesn’t.  Although the cinnamon is still there, this time it is blended with nutmeg and star anise. However it you liked the Bonfire range then you will like this cappuccino too.

 Price FromCalories In-Store
Spiced Cappuccino£2.95696

Gingerbread and Cream Latte

There’s also a Gingerbread and Cream Latte which has gingerbread syrup mixed into the coffee and a mini gingerbread man swimming in the generous cream topping. 

Gingerbread and Cream Latte

The creaminess of the latte works well with the ginger to create a warming drink and who can resist a cute little gingerbread?

 Price FromCalories In-StoreCalories Takeout
(medium, semi skimmed milk)
Gingerbread and Cream Latte£3.3511411363

Tassimo Costa Gingerbread Latte Pods – Limited Edition

For a limited time only, and just in time for Christmas, Costa has released their Tassimo Gingerbread Latte pods.  So now you can make your favourite Costa Coffee drink at home, without having to risk the cold of winter, or Christmas shoppers!

The cheapest place we have seen to buy Costa’s Gingerbread Latte pods is from Amazon, you can order today, and they will be with you tomorrow, and you don’t even have to step out of the door to get them.

Tassimo Costa Gingerbread Latte Coffee Pods, Pack of 5 (Total 40 pods, 40 servings)
7,604 Reviews
Tassimo Costa Gingerbread Latte Coffee Pods, Pack of 5 (Total 40 pods, 40 servings)
  • Costa Gingerbread Latte from Tassimo has the authentic Costa Coffee Taste
  • Indulgent and silky smooth, festive gingerbread flavor and topped with a fine foam
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

You will pay £2.95 for a gingerbread latte in the shop, but shop smartly and you can have a cup at home for only 50p.

Remember, these are limited edition, so when they are gone, they are gone.  Don’t say we did not warn you!

Black Forest and Cream Hot Chocolate

Also available is the classic Black Forest and Cream Hot Chocolate. 

black forest and cream hot chocolate

It is so popular that there was a storm of protest a couple of years ago when Costa changed the recipe so they reverted to the original.  It’s a classic combination for a good reason, the balance of the sweet fruity cherries with rich chocolate and cream works just as well in a drink as it does in the cake.

 Price FromCalories In-Store
Black Forest and Cream Hot Chocolate£3.35528

Spiced Apple

For those not in a caffeine mood there is a Spiced Apple drink described as a winter warming drink, topped with a lemon slice.

Spiced Apple

 Price FromCalories In-Store
Spiced Apple£2.50497

Sadly, there is no return for either the Mint Hot Chocolate or any of the Chocolate and Orange variations we have had in previous years.

Anything else for us to look forward to this Winter?

Of course it’s not just the limited edition drinks that gets us excited, there’s also the food specials. 

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Muffin

The most exciting offering is a chocolate orange muffin, filled with Terry’s Chocolate Orange ganache and topped with chocolate icing and a single Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment. 

Terrys Chocolate Orange Muffin

My family are big fans of any combination of chocolate and orange so I think we

Mince Pies

Costa’s mince pies are back, with a gluten free version available.  Don’t forget you can get them warmed up and covered in cream. 

Other traditional sweets include Penelope Polar Bear cake, Father Christmas Gingerbread, Peter Penguin Shortcake, Chocolate Chip Panettone, Clementine and Mascorpone Loaf and Salted Caramel Yule Log. 

Free From Range

Black & White Forest Cake

New this year is Black and White Forest Cake that beneath its fancy white buttercream has chocolate sponge filled with sweetened cherries and it is decorated with sour cherries and dark chocolate. 

White Chocolate and Honeycomb Trillionaire

Alongside it there is a White Chocolate and Honeycomb Trillionaire that combines a shortbread base with a layer of caramel and white chocolate with sprinkles of golden honeycomb, finished with a milk chocolate drizzle.

Costa winter cakes

Savoury Snacks

On the savoury side of things are eight different kinds of sandwiches, most featuring turkey. Pigs under Blankets in panini sounds intriguing until you realise it’s just a bacon and sausage sandwich.  The most appealing for me is the delicious sounding British Beef and Caramelised Onion Baguette.  To round off the menu there s Spiced Parsnip Soup.

British Turkey Bacon Stuffing Wrap and Veggies Under Vests Sandwich no vignette

Where Is Your Nearest Costa Coffee Shop?

The menu went live yesterday (16th October) and if you want to get your Christmas Winter fix as soon as possible, checkout our Costa Coffee Near Me and Costa Coffee Drive Thru Near Me interactive pages to find your closest shop.

With more than 2,600 locations around the UK, there is bound to be one close to wherever you are, right now!

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