tassimo vivy cleaning coffee machines descalerCleaning coffee machines – If you are one of the many that love coffee or live with someone that does, odds are you have at least one coffee machine, possibly more, after all, not being able to make your coffee just how you like it whenever you want it just wouldn’t do!  However,  whether you have one or many coffee machines, cleaning the machine is essential to keeping each and every cup of coffee tasting as good as the first.

With a little understanding this is not difficult or time consuming and can be quite therapeutic or perhaps that is just me!

For detailed instructions of how to clean your Tassimo coffee machines and Nespresso coffee machines please follow the links below which have video guides and specific instructions.


Regular Cleaning Coffee Machines

cleaning coffee machines bosch tassimo descaler tabletsKeeping your coffee machines squeaky clean (and often quieter) is not that hard.  A good scrub with soap and water daily can make all the difference cleaning your coffee machines. It’s easier to get buildup out when it’s still fresh rather than waiting for it to dry on. In the end, your coffee machine will look more attractive on the kitchen counter top, and will probably function a lot longer as a result.

One in five Which? members who own a coffee machine have never cleaned or descaled it, and about the same number do it less than once a year. If you only clean your machine annually – or never – it’s more likely to suffer from leaks and getting blocked.

– Which? survey

Of course many don’t find the time for cleaning their machines daily and this will lead to buildup that is a little bit more difficult to clean. Many have found that cleaning coffee machines that have not been cleaned in a while can be made easier by making a few pots of 1:2 mixture of vinegar and water. For a twelve cup maker this would be 8 cups of water and 4 cups of vinegar.

Please note:  Using vinegar on some coffee machines can invalidate the warranty, so make sure you check the products warranty first.  You can find guides for cleaning Descaling Tassimo coffee makers and Descaling Nespresso coffee makers at the top of this page, follow these video guides for these products.

Cleaning coffee machines is as easy as repeating this until they are squeaky clean. You may consider daily cleaning if cleaning every few months gets to be too much of a chew-on. To be honest, the secret of clean coffee machines is regular daily maintenance, it only takes a few minutes.

Prolong the life of your coffee machine

cleaning coffee machines delonghi-coffee-machine-descalerYou will find that cleaning your coffee machine is not that complicated at all. Among the benefits of having a clean coffee machine is not drinking left over sludge dried up from a number of brews ago. These deposits will make your machine less efficient and more likely to leak as well. Often, if you do not clean your coffee machine regularly, the machine will become quite noisy and eventually fail. Being proactive and cleaning your coffee machine regularly will bring you many more great cups of your favourite coffee and ultimately save you money.

Simple cleaning as described above is a good start however some of these machines are more complicated so as with any appliance it’s wise to consult your owner’s manual. You will see many maintenance instructions and some specific cleaning instructions for your coffee machines which will help.  For detailed instructions of how to clean your Tassimo coffee machines and Nespresso coffee machines please follow the links below which have video guides.

In the end cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine are among the best steps you can take to wake up every morning to great tasting coffee. Putting a little time into cleaning your coffee machine combined with selection of great coffees can make your drinks the greatest ever. Now, how about sharing a cup of coffee with us, after all, drinking alone is not good for you, so they say.  Take care and enjoy your coffee!

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