Capresso froth Pro Milk FrotherDo you love making viscous and loaded milk best for cappuccinos, foam-covered hot chocolate, steamed milk to make lattes? The newly unveiled Capresso PRO auto milk frothing machine gives high-end results at the press of a button.

The stand-alone unit is a handy complement to different coffee makers and espresso appliances while it’s a trove for hot chocolate purists. It has a copious frothing capacity that couples with three temperature modes, cold, warm or hot. It shuts off automatically to give you milk at the best temperature.


Capresso Froth PRO: Distinguishing Features

Capresso frothPRO
  • Capresso frothPRO by Capresso
  • 12-ounce


This unit falls in the large capacity class; it offers 8 oz frothing and 12 oz heating space. Inside, it is notched with two lines, a lower for 8 oz and an upper for 12 oz. The 8 oz line gives thick foam and the 12 oz mark allows you to steam milk. Pour in milk and select from the three buttons, it can generate rich foam in 2 minutes.

Three Controls

There are tripartite temperature mode settings, including hot, cold or warm intuitive buttons to select for diverse delicious beverages. It froths with the aid of a safety-inspired dual auto shut-off that halts it when done. You can warm gently for hot chocolate or froth without heat to prepare iced lattes.

Construction and Design

The Capresso froth PRO smart design includes a dark pitcher and a black bottom that teems with stainless-steel accents blended with illuminated press pad buttons. At the heart of the machine are uniquely patented frothing disks spewing maximum foam.

There are two frothing disks, a single heating disk, plus a storage compartment carved out beneath its base for holding the disks magnetically. The milk pitcher is nonstick, scratch-proof and ceramic coated pitcher with a handle that remains cool, no burnt fingers.

Unlike other milk frothers, the Capresso is dishwasher safe, its milk pitcher detachable and the lid is a see-through for monitored operations. Its power cord is encircled on a recess in the bottom for tangle-free operations.


  • It works perfectly with low-fat fluids like skim milk, coconut milk, soy milk, hot chocolate, almond milk, and heavy cream for thick foam, hot lattes, and much more.
  • Highly flexible with three temperature settings, two frothing and one heating disc along a dual automatic shut-off.
  • Designed impeccably with roomy capacity, scratch-resistant exterior, ceramic layered pitcher, dishwasher safe, retractile and non-stick milk pitcher, heatproof handle and transparent lid. The heating disk steams milk without any signs of scalding.
  • Easy operations, all you need is to attach a frothing disc, then feed a cold, hot or warm milk and seal with the lid, pressing the button jumpstarts the process and shuts off automatically.
  • The stand-alone appliance is a handy complement to coffee makers or espresso appliances.


  • Users have to grope aimlessly to detach the frothing disks beneath the pitcher. Similarly, its mounting assembly is too small making it harder to fix and remove disks. The disks ought to be cleaned thoroughly; failure to do this may lead to clogging and quick breakdown.

Is This Product A Great Purchase?

The Capresso appliance offers a large capacity to prepare frothed and non-frothed milk. It is propped up by a highly developed frothing disk producing maximum froth at minimal efforts.

Once started, it gives consistent frothing, gentle but fast circulating air into the milk and operates with three temperature settings. A unique heating disk works well with warm and hot milk for lattes or hot chocolate. This frother is ideal for non-dairy products like soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk.

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