Andrew James Coffee Maker

Coffee is at its best when it has been freshly ground and brewed by you. With the Andrew James coffee maker and Integrated Grinder, your coffee is made for you from bean to cup in a matter of minutes, and is ready whenever you are thanks to the built-in 24 hour programmable timer.

The integrated grinder allows you to simply add fresh coffee beans and water, and then the coffee maker does the rest of the work for you. It grinds the beans, filters the coffee and produces delicious coffee quickly and smoothly.

This coffee maker can produce between 2 and 12 cups of coffee, with a window in the side showing the water level. Once ground, the coffee is passed through a reusable mesh filter to keep all the dregs out – a more economical alternative to paper filters, which need to be endlessly replaced. The coffee then drips into the 1.5 litre glass carafe, where a hot plate keeps it ready to drink for up to 30 minutes after brewing. This ensures that leftover coffee is not wasted, and you can go back for as many refills as you may need easily.

You don’t need to wait until all the coffee has brewed before helping yourself to a cup, because an anti-drip feature allows you to remove the carafe at any time while still keeping the hot plate clean. The digital display is clear and easy to use, and a simple ‘grind off’ function means that you can also use the percolator with ready ground or filter coffee instead of beans.

With its modern design the Andrew James coffee maker looks great in your kitchen and is simple to use in the workplace too, saving you both time and energy. A handy and easy-to-use gadget, it also makes a fabulous gift for coffee lovers.


Key Features of the Andrew James Coffee Maker

  • Sleek and stylish digital coffee maker
  • Built-in grinder so you can make coffee from freshly ground beans
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • 12 cup capacity, 1.5 litre glass carafe
  • Reusable mesh filter
  • 30 minute keep warm function

How big is your caffeine craving?

You can make 2 – 12 cups at a time in the Coffee Maker, and set the strength of your brew to weak, medium or strong. Coffee takes only a few moments to brew, and you can enjoy it as soon as there’s enough in the carafe thanks to the anti-drip spout which shuts off immediately if the jug is removed. The gauge on the side of the machine lets you know when water needs topping up.

With Beans

andrew james bean to cup coffee machine grinderAdd whole beans to the grinder section at the top of the Coffee Maker and choose the ‘grind on’ function. Beans will be ground and used straight away to make your coffee. You can change how finely or coarsely ground the coffee is by using the knob by the grinder compartment.

Without Beans

You can also simply use ready ground beans or filter coffee with the Andrew James coffee maker as you would with a standard bean to cup coffee machine. Just choose the ‘grind off’ setting and add the powder into the filter section, where hot water will rush through, selecting up all the delicious flavour and filtering through into the carafe.


 Find best priceThe ultimate in convenience, you can set the Andrew James Coffee Maker to start brewing coffee at any time of day using the 24 hour clock. Once brewed, the hotplate will keep coffee warm for up to 30 minutes, so you can go back for a refill whenever you want.

Maintenance of the Andrew James Coffee Maker

The reusable mesh filter can easily be removed and cleaned, so you don’t need to keep buying paper filters. The bean to cup coffee machine can be cleaned with a damp cloth to keep it looking smart, and occasionally running through water with some descaler will help to keep the machine in good condition.


Where is the Andrew James Coffee Maker made?


How long is the power lead on the Andrew James Coffee Maker?

The power lead is 1m exactly in length.

Can you put a single mug or cup under the dispenser instead of the carafe if you only want to make one drink?

No. The Carafe is designed to open the anti-drip lock so once it is removed from the hotplate. the coffee cannot flow out.  If I want a cup I simple make what I need in the carafe and pour into whatever cup / mug I wish.

Does the Andrew James Coffee Maker make espresso?

No just filter coffee.

Is it a burr grinder?


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