Tassimo Reusable Pods

A question we get asked a lot at Myvirtualcoffeehouse when it comes to Tassimo pods:

Is there any Tassimo reusable pods, if so, do they work and where can I get them?

Excellent questions and like most folk, you want to a) save some money, and b) save the planet, one plastic pod at a time.

Now, we are not going to say either way as to whether you should consider the following methods, nor do we recommend any and you should always be aware that any of the below could invalidate your Tassimo coffee machine’s warranty but there are a fair amount of people willing to give this a go, so since you asked, we hope this helps!

Reusable Kits

Options are limited, perhaps because no one has found a perfect way to achieve the end result without the pods leaking, which they have a tendency to do.  So, you are left with only one company!  My Cap offer re-usable pods which you can buy direct from their US website or on Ebay.  I have added some links to the Ebay listings below.  Basically, the kit is actually just a Tassimo pod with a couple of holes cut out and a rubber bung to plug those holes.

My Cap Reusable Podsbuy on eBay
My Cap Reusable Pods Kit (make your own)buy on eBay
Barcodes for Reusable Disc for Reusable Podsbuy on eBay

tassimo coffee podsCheapest Option

Having taken a look at the alternative My Cap option, you may decide that actually, the reason you got your Tassimo coffee machine in the first place was convenience and choice of flavours.  So, if you are going to buy pods you may as well buy cheap Tassimo pods.  Most folk we know buy pods 40 at a time via an Amazon Subscription as this seems to be the cheapest way to buy them and is extremely convenient.  If you want to see the full range available, check out our Tassimo Coffee Pods page which lists every pod by brand and flavour and links through to what you are looking for on Amazon to make life easier.  Very helpful.

Make your own Tassimo Reusable Pods

No doubt you noticed above that you can buy a kit to make your own re-usable pods.  Well, in the interests of science and saving money and the environment we found this tutorial on Youtube which shows you exactly what to do.  All you need is a used Tassimo pod, a drill/drill bit and a bung.  You might want to skip through the drilling section as once you have seen one hole drilled, you have seen them all.

Please note – Tassimo coffee machines work at high pressure, so, the plugs do have a tendency to pop out.  At the very least, this makes a mess and could damage your nice pod coffee maker.  Be warned.

Recycling your Pods

recycle tassimo podsTassimo UK have teamed up with TerraCycle to help with the mountain of waste created from your used pods.  You can find out more information on the Tassimo UK website – https://www.tassimo.co.uk/terracycle/s-2384/ or sign-up with TerraCycle and start collecting the empty pods today.


Be sure to check out our Tassimo pods guide which has tips of what to look for and video tutorials showing you how they work and where to get the cheapest t-discs.

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