costa coffee tassimo t-discPod coffee makers are great for families or individuals who have a wide range of tastes because these compact machines have so many flavour options.  The range of Tassimo pods is so big that you likely have not heard of all the types of drink you can make with them and it’s not limited to just coffee, you can also get a wide range of teas and hot chocolates in pod form too, something for all the family or mood.

Coffee range

Pods range from simple espresso, cappuccino and latte to all sorts of flavours like caramel latte macchiato, vanilla latte, Yunnan espresso, chocolate caramel, chai tea latte, mocha and lots lots more.

Tea range

twinings-green-tea-and-mintThe tea ranges are also varied with lemon, peach, Marrakesh style, Twinings ranges, herbal and tea latte to name but a few.  What this really means is that pod coffee makers aren’t just great for families, they’re great for everyone, especially when you have visitors.

What Bosch Tassimo coffee pods are available?

tassimo t-discThe Bosch pod range all use the Tassimo T Disc system of pods which are not compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto pod system so if you buy a Bosch pod coffee machine you are restricted to using the T Disc coffee pods.  The flavours available in the Tassimo T disc system is excellent with over 65 flavours available compared to 41 for the Nescafe Nespresso system.  So it really is swings and roundabouts as to which you prefer.

  • The Tassimo range has 65 flavours and options to choose from!
  • The Dolce Gusto range has 41 flavours and options to choose from and growing every day!

Full range (65 flavours): only in our Tassimo coffee pods guide, find a new flavour today!

Costa Caramel LatteTassimo Oreo
Costa LatteChai Latte
COSTA AmericanoTwinnings Green Tea and Mint
Cadbury Hot ChocolateTwinings English Breakfast
COSTA CappuccinoTwinnings Fruit of the Forest Tea

Tassimo Pod Brands

Costa Coffee Range

Founded in London by Italian brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa in 1971, Costa has become the nation’s favourite coffee leader within the UK and the second largest international coffee shop operator. Passion for coffee excellence and creating brother’s family business and although Costa has grown in scale these values are still held dear. Costa continues to have experience. Coffee lovers are now able to enjoy their favourite Costa coffee in their own homes using TASSIMO. The TASSIMO Americao was carefully developed to ensure that the unique taste of Costa’s Mocha Italia blend is maintained.

*The UK’s favourite coffee shop*

Awarded “Best Branded Coffee Shop Chain in the UK and Ireland”” by Allegra Strategies for three years running.

Twinnings Tea

For over 300 years, Twinings’ passion for perfection has inspired tea drinkers in Britain and across the world. More than

tea for any mood or occasion.

In a time when coffee was king, one man, Thomas Twining, went against the tide to share his love of tea. His passion turned hot beverage.

Our story started in 1706. Back then, the most popular drinks in England were coffee, gin and ale – even at breakfast! Although of years, it had only just been imported to England, and lots of people were suspicious of it.

One man who was sure that it would be big was a certain Thomas Twining. Having had enough of drinking ale in the morning,

on London’s Strand, promising only to sell the finest qualities and varieties. His pledge soon won him (and his tea) lots Now, we have many varieties and our teas are drunk all over the world.


John Cadbury opened a shop selling amongst other things cocoa and drinking chocolate that he prepared himself using varieties of drinking chocolate with names like ‘Churchman’s Chocolate’, ‘Spanish Chocolate’, and ‘Fine Brown Chocolate’.

In 1861 John handed the business over to his sons George and Richard. They believed strongly in improving the conditions

ought to be condemned to live in a place where a rose cannot grow.’ George went on to build the famous ‘factory in a became famous for being a good employer. Today, Cadbury hot chocolate is fairtrade certified which ensures fair wages for our suppliers of cocoa.


Philippe Suchard, a passionate Swiss chocolatier with a vision to make chocolate accessible to everybody, opened his first

brand Milka was born – a 100g tablet in a lilac wrapper with alpine setting and a cow. The name was created using two kakao (cacao). Since then, more and more people have fallen in love with “the most tender chocolate made of alpine milk”.

The Lilac Cow was created in 1972 and has become one of the most beloved and famous brand icons in Europe. Lila, as countries children paint cows lilac.

In 2012 Milka celebrated its 111th anniversary with consumers across Europe offering special products and brand experiences.


Make the best out of each coffee moment thanks to the UK’s most famous coffee brand. Kenco coffee is one of the UK’s

when a cooperative of Kenyan coffee growers set up the Kenya Coffee Company to distribute high quality beans to Britain. 100% of its beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, you can enjoy the perfect coffee shop experience at home and the environment.

Carte Noire

Carte Noire was created in France in 1978 by René Monnier and revolutionized the country’s coffee market with its pure

Today Carte Noire is the leading coffee brand in France. An intense aromatic blend, made with 100% pure Arabica beans From the roasting process to the freshness valve on the pack, the exclusive Arabica beans selected especially for Carte

subtle and intense aroma, deep yet sweet flavour sensations and an exceptional rounded body. With Carte Noire, taste deliciously intense that it has the power to stop time. In a world where everything is going very fast, the time one takes moment which allows one to stop, reconnect, and refill in order to recharge.


Latte Macchiato? Espresso? With Jacobs, everyone can enjoy their favourite coffee beverage. The brand traces its beginnings

Johan Jacobs opened a specialty coffee shop in Bremen. The appealing aroma and delightful taste is the perfect way to bring people together, no matter what the occasion!

Are coffee pods expensive?

tassimo pods varietyThe Tassimo pod machines themselves are very affordable but people are often put off thinking that it must be expensive to constantly be buying pods. This was true a few years ago when they first came to market but not anymore.

Today, pods are everywhere meaning that you can buy them from your local supermarket and on lots of websites at huge discounts like Amazon.  You can always find deals and multipacks on offer which means that you can even buy in bulk to reduce the price further.  As mentioned above, the huge range of flavours on offer means that you will never get run out of new flavours to try ever again.

Combine the low price of the pods with the cheap, easy and quick to use machines themselves and you can see why so many people are using them today.


Current Tassimo Machines

bosch tassimo joy 2There are 3 models that use the T-Discs, the Intermediate, the Suprema (which comes with Red or Silver highlights) and the Premium which comes in ‘Twilight Titanium’.

There are 5 models of single cup coffee maker compatible with the “home-use” T-discs.  However the T46 and T65 are no longer offered for sale in the US.  These models are the T20, T46, T47, T55 and T65. While varying in price, color, availability of filter/display – they are functionally equivalent in that each maker will produce the same beverage from the same t-disc.

There is also a Professional model designed for office and trade use. T DISCs designed for use in this model can’t be used in domestic machines.

The Bosch Tassimo pod coffee range are an excellent choice, they are well made and are amongst the cheapest on the market today.  They look more like traditional coffee makers and less like machines of the future and although they are slightly more traditional than the Nescafe Nespresso machines they fit in well in any kitchen today.


Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 Pod Coffee Machine

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Bosch Tassimo Vivy Pod Coffee Machine

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How to use Pods

Which Bosch Tassimo pod coffee machine is best?

Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy 2 pod coffee machinesIf I was to pick one of the range, I would definitely go for
the Bosch Tassimo Joy 2 pod coffee machine.  Its price is excellent, I like the design and I can use a travel coffee mug easily which is great when I am rushing out the door.  Also, it is incredibly easy to use with its quick heat up time and auto cleaning settings.

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